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Four bidding for three seats in Lanesville

Kenneth Dale Acton, 43, is a lifelong resident of Lanesville and a successful entrepreneur as vice president and cofounder of Job Rentals and Sales, a heavy equipment dealer in Jeffersonville.
Acton lives on Rolling Hills Road in Lanesville with his wife, Lori, and children, Shelby and Kenton, both Lanesville students, and previously served three years on the St. John’s Lutheran School Board of Trustees. Acton graduated from Lanesville High School in 1978.
Acton lists community service among his pastimes, and as ‘an opportunity to give something back to the community,’ serving on the Lanesville School Board peaks his interest, he said.
Board members should ‘make sure that we are providing our students with the highest quality education that we possibly can,’ and promote more community involvement within the school, he said.
If he can succeed in his goal of retiring during his early 50s, Acton said he plans to use retirement as an opportunity for further community service.
Acton also hunts and attends high school sporting events in his spare time.
‘The atmosphere there is just tremendous. Especially Indiana high school basketball,’ Acton said.
Acton can be contacted at 952-3091.
Denzil E. McKim, 60, was Lanesville High School valedictorian 42 years ago, and now he wants to be one of his alma mater’s trustees.
The father of seven children, Seth L., Daniel, Sarah, Seth A., Simon, Rebekah and Aaron McKim, he lives on Country Lane in Lanesville with his wife, Shirley. He is employed by Tower Automotive and works as a substitute teacher.
Among his proudest accomplishments, McKim graduated from Indiana University Southeast with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1990.
‘I’m also very happy that I had the opportunity to teach, because that was one of my lifelong goals. Even though that was at the substitute level, I’ve enjoyed it tremendously,’ said McKim.
After working closely with the school corporation, he said he is aware of its needs.
‘Attracting qualified teachers and administrators, and planning for growth in the community, both spatially and financially’ are the top issues the new board will face, McKim said.
Historical fiction and substitute teaching are among his favorite pastimes. He said he hopes to remain active in the community and continue teaching.
McKim can be contacted at 952-3686.
Robert J. Schickel, 53, said, ‘It is very rewarding to give one’s time and resources knowing that you may have had a part in helping a child develop into his or her full potential,’ and that is why he said he is seeking reelection to his second term.
This time around, issues facing the school will include rebuilding the Lanesville Elementary School gym by Aug. 1, and initiating the balanced calendar program, Schickel said.
A 1968 graduate of Lanesville High School, Schickel supplemented his education with courses in agriculture from Purdue University and additional training and ‘invaluable years of experience’ as District 10 field representative for Indiana Farm Bureau for 21 years.
The lifelong Lanesville resident and his wife, Teresa, have two sons, Kevin and Matthew, and a daughter, Lisa. And his equipment dealership and hay and straw business is based in Lanesville.
He enjoys family trips and spending time with his two grandsons.
In the future, Schickel said he plans ‘to continue to help make Lanesville schools and our community a better place.’
Schickel can be contacted at 952-3542.
Mark Edward Wernert, 48, is seeking reelection after one term on the school board because one of his former teachers encouraged him to continue, he said. He served two years of his term as secretary and said that with his experience comes an advantage.
Issues for the board include ‘the budget. We are always strapped for money,’ and anticipated growth within the community. The size of the school will be important, and upcoming expansion should help meet those needs, Wernert said.
Wernert prides himself on his family. He and his wife, Gayle, recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, ‘and I think that’s a big achievement,’ he said, and they’ve reared four boys who are staying out of trouble.
Wernert enjoys outdoor sports like hunting and fishing.
‘My life is pretty hectic as far as running a business and stuff, and I just enjoy getting away from it all,’ he said. He owns his own independent contracting business.
His future plans include ‘to continue running a successful business, but, first of all, maintaining a successful family.’
Wernert can be contacted at 366-3939.