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Easter renewal

What a wonderful time of the year to be alive.
For many people, Easter is the best time of the year because it celebrates the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. About 2,000 years ago, He promised us that the abundant life is available to everyone in the world. All they have to do to have eternal life (and peace of mind) is say one word, yes. What more can you ask for?
It seems to us there have been more church services, better attendance at Men’s Lenten breakfasts, Good Friday services and other religious events leading up to Easter this year. The spectacular spring weather with the white explosion of pear trees, buds popping out on other trees, daffodils coming on strong in a wild display of yellow after a dreary grey winter, have only added to the strong sense of renewal.
Other things are in the air, too, besides pollen. Political candidates are hustling on the campaign trail, putting up signs, attending all kinds of meetings, thinking hard about current problems and solutions, pumping hands and taking an unusual interest in your family.
The new YMCA of Harrison County will open this summer and already has more than 1,400 members. That is exciting.
Officials with Main Street Corydon and the Harrison County Convention and Visitors Bureau have taken a fresh look at the old Keller furniture property in Corydon and have come up with many good ideas for what can be done with that 14 acres of ground and perhaps other pieces of property nearby. They are looking into the future, trying to figure out positive changes that will be good for Corydon and Harrison County, too.
Baseball season is here. The boys of summer always bring with them a sense of expectation or hope, for what reason, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because summer is now on the way, and the college basketball season is finally over. (Whatever happened to Gonzaga?) The Chicago Cubs are favored to go to the World Series, the Yankees are even stronger, maybe this is the year the Red Sox will win it all. Maybe Ken Griffey Jr. will last all season ‘ who knows?
Horse racing fans can’t wait to get to lovely Keeneland, where the horse races seem almost incidental to the genteel, historic atmosphere. And if there’s racing at Keeneland, the Kentucky Derby can’t be far behind. Gee, who will the Barnstable twins invite to their celebrity party this year? The suspense is almost unbearable.
Farmers are ready to get into the fields, thinking about a good year and extraordinary prices. Hunters are dreaming of bagging wild turkeys, now in super abundance; mushroom hunters are glad to get out into their spot in the woods; gardeners are salivating over fresh dirt, and people with lawns are getting their lawnmowers oiled and gassed up. Some lucky weekenders have mowers that varoom with the first pull of the rope or turn of the switch ‘ surely one of the best feelings in the new season.
Enjoy the rites of spring.