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You may recognize some characters in Hayswood comedy ‘Daddy’s Dyin’ ‘

You may recognize some characters in Hayswood comedy ‘Daddy’s Dyin’ ‘
You may recognize some characters in Hayswood comedy ‘Daddy’s Dyin’ ‘
Before rehearsal Sunday for 'Daddy's Dyin.' Who's Got the Will?' at Hayswood Theatre, Ray Robinson applies make-up while director Christol Sweeney-Smith does Jill Robertson's hair as Denise Wiley watches. (Photo by Randy West)

‘Daddy’s Dyin’. Who’s Got the Will?’ doesn’t sound like a very funny play, but it is. Well, funny and sad.
It’s a heart-warming comedy about a family that doesn’t get along well all the time. Each member has his or her own baggage. They get on each other’s nerves or don’t measure up to each other’s expectations.
Does this sound like some families you know? Does it sound a little like yours? If so, you might want to catch ‘Daddy’s Dyin’. Who’s Got the Will?’ which opens Friday, April 16, at 8 p.m. at Hayswood Theatre in Corydon.
Christol Sweeney-Smith, 33, of Lanesville, a Hayswood Theatre veteran, will make her directorial debut with this two-act comedy written in 1984 by Del Shores.
The play focuses on the Turnover family in Lowake, Texas (population 20), in the summer of 1986. They come together to say goodbye to Buford Turnover, the patriarch of the family, who’s had a stroke.
The four children are all very different, and those differences create sparks and conflicts. Sweeney-Smith says it’s ‘very poignant and funny, a great play about the resilience of family despite problems.’ Ultimately, there’s a renewal. And an all-out cat fight, too.
All eight actors have been in other Hayswood plays.
Here’s the cast:
Denise Wiley plays Sara Lee, the middle daughter, a hair-dresser who stayed home to care for her father, a widower, and his elderly mother-in-law, Mama Wheelis.
Judy Crippin is Mama Wheelis, the spunky mother-in-law. Sweeney-Smith said the audiences will love her.
Ray Robinson is Buford, a good ole boy Texas farmer, who recently lost his wife and is not in good health.
Jeremy Beam is Orville Turnover, the only son who is an overweight hick, politically incorrect and a wife abuser.
Jennifer Zink plays Orville’s wife, the matronly Marlene, who’s recently lost 60 pounds and is proud of it. She now sells Herbalene products.
Debbie Coffman Smith is Evalita Turnover, the slutty younger sister who has been married and divorced six times. She met her new fianc’, Harmony, while hitchhiking.
Corey Long plays Harmony, the long blond-haired hippy. He and Evalita have formed a pathetic band and tour in a panel truck.
Jill Robertson is Lurelene, the pretty, near-perfect and very straight daughter who has gone to college and married a minister. She reads the Bible.
Linda Friedrich is the stage manager and lights director; Jack Sweeney is the set designer.
The second night of the play, Saturday, April 17, is competing with ‘Thunder Over Louisville,’ so Hayswood Theatre is offering $2 off tickets for that night’s show. ‘Why go all the way to the Ohio River when there’s plenty of fireworks here in Corydon ‘ there’s ‘Thunder Over Lowake’ ‘ and you don’t have to fight the traffic?’ Sweeney-Smith asked.
The play will also be given at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 18, and then again at the same times the following weekend. If the play sells out both weekends, it will be presented a third weekend.
One warning: the play is rated PG-13 and contains ‘adult language’ and some ‘adult situations,’ Smith said. It’s nothing compared to what you hear or see any day on TV, movies and the radio, but it’s ‘reality TV on stage, in a funny way,’ Smith said. ‘This play is not foo-foo.’
For tickets, call Magdalena’s Restaurant at 738-8075. Except for Thunder night, tickets are $10.
The cast will be on WDJX Radio (99.7 FM) Friday evening, introducing songs and giving away tickets to the play.