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Martin’s Body Shop moves and grows

Martin’s Body Shop moves and grows
Martin’s Body Shop moves and grows
David Martin has quadrupled the size of his body repair shop west of New Salisbury. (Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor)

When David Martin of New Salisbury started his own business back in 1971, he repaired about 10 vehicles a month when he was working full-time.
‘It was just me,’ said the 51-year-old who’s been working on vehicles since he was 14.
Today, Martin’s Body Shop Inc., located west of New Salisbury and just to the north of S.R. 64, puts about 100 vehicles a month through its facility.
Martin said his business jumped about 28 percent one month after he moved his business on Jan. 4 from the old, 5,000-square-foot body shop to a new, state-of-the-art facility less than a quarter-mile away.
‘We were crammed in,’ Martin said. ‘We needed the extra room.’
Now, his 20,000-square-foot body shop ‘ basically two large warehouses connected in the middle ‘ includes a reception area, office space, drive-in estimation area, parts area, and wash and vacuum space.
It is so new that Martin hasn’t decorated his office yet. From the outside ‘ done in a gray/cranberry/tan color scheme ‘ could easily pass for just about anything other than a body repair shop.
‘I would have done this five or six years earlier,’ Martin said, but getting water to the new location was a hold-up.
Vehicles needing body work can essentially be kept indoors from start to finish, until they are picked up by their owner.
In the old facility, 13 vehicles were a ‘tight’ fit. In the new one, Martin said, 31 cars and trucks can easily line the repair area and still leave enough room ‘to drive through the middle’ of the building.
A booth can be subdivided with plastic drapes to allow primer paint to be applied to two vehicles at a time.
The finished paint color is determined by a computer and the paint is mixed. The exact color is applied in an adjoining enclosed room that will accommodate something up to the size of a school bus.
Martin said he could do larger vehicles but they would have to be done out in the shop rather than in the room.
Martin’s Body Shop has 10 employees besides its owner.
For more information about Martin’s Body Shop Inc., call 347-2937.