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3 admit to roles in murder of Jeff woman

Three of four Harrison Countians have reached plea agreements for their roles in the November 2002 murder of a Jeffersonville woman.
Sara E. Mills, who entered a new agreement last week after deciding at the last minute in February to reject her previous one, joins James K. Daily Jr. and Troy A. Green in admitting their parts in the Nov. 19, 2002, murder of Virginia Walker. Walker was Mills’ 73-year-old foster mother.
The plea bargains outline each of their roles in robbing Walker and the later robbery and attempted abduction of Walker’s ex-husband, Lewis Walker, who also lived in Jeffersonville.
Joshua L. Shireman is the only one of the four to enter a not-guilty plea.
Mills, of Elizabeth, was 17 at the time of the murder. She withdrew from a plea agreement on Feb. 4, minutes before it was to become official. Under that agreement, she was to receive a 100-year sentence in exchange for testifying against Shireman, Green and Daily.
Her new agreement gives her an 80-year sentence and allows her to avoid a potential life sentence without the possibility of parole. Under Indiana rules allowing for time off for good behavior, Mills could be released in about 40 years.
Besides 60 years for her role in Virginia Walker’s death, Mills would serve 20 years each for her part in the robbery and burglary of her foster mother’s residence. That time would be served concurrently with the murder sentence.
Another 20 years of prison time would start after that for Mills’ part in robbing and burglarizing Lewis Walker.
Green, of Corydon, who was 21 at the time of the crime, pled guilty earlier this month to burglarizing Virginia Walker’s residence and conspiring to rob her, as well as robbing Lewis Walker and burglarizing his residence. Under the terms of his plea agreement, Green will serve a 50-year sentence.
Under the terms of an agreement reached last month, Daily, Corydon, pled guilty to two counts each of robbery and burglary while admitting that he served as a lookout while the others robbed and killed Virginia Walker. Daily said he drove the getaway car following the murder.
Daily, who was 19 in November 2002, will serve four concurrent 20-year sentences. With time off for good behavior, he could be released in less than 10 years.
The other charges against Daily ‘ murder, conspiracy to commit burglary, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and confinement ‘ were dropped, although Daily admitted that he was inside Lewis Walker’s house and pointed a handgun at the man. Daily also ordered the man to walk out of the house, from which Walker eventually fled from his would-be abductors.
Mills, Green and Daily are required, as part of their agreements, to testify during Shireman’s trial, which could begin April 20. Jury selection was scheduled to begin today (Wednesday). Shireman, also of Corydon, was 20 when Virginia Walker was murdered. If convicted, Shireman could be sentenced to life without parole.
Clark County Superior Judge Jerry Jacobi said he would not officially accept Mills’, Green’s and Daily’s guilty pleas until they fulfill their obligation to testify during Shireman’s trial. The three are tentatively scheduled for sentencing on May 3.