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Mathes recovers fast from arterial surgery

Harrison County Councilman Carl (Buck) Mathes of Corydon is making a fast recovery from surgery last week at Jewish Hospital in Louisville.
Mathes, 56, was hospitalized for a heart catheterization last Tuesday because he had been suffering from an irregular heart beat. But instead of installing a pacemaker, doctors installed a new kind of stint in an artery that left him feeling much better.
He was released last Wednesday afternoon. Doctors will wait to see how the stint works before they consider any other procedures, like the pacemaker. Mathes will be on a blood thinner for three months.
‘The bad part is, I’ll have to wait three months to get off the blood thinner before I can have prostate cancer surgery.’
The new kind of stint collects less scar tissue than the old kind. If Mathes had had the old type of stint installed, he’d probably have to wait six months for prostate surgery.
Mathes said he felt good enough that he and his son, Matt, 21, a junior engineering major at Purdue University, who’s on spring break this week, could make a fast trip to see the Mackinaw Bridge, an ‘engineering marvel,’ at the top of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.