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Traci Sikorski is always on the go

They are the reason Donald Trump, his shopping cart piled with more than 20 items, is never seen in the Express Lane. He leaves that task to his personal assistants.
New Neighbor Traci Sikorski will provide the assistance, no Trump Plaza necessary.
Sikorski, 30, came to Palmyra from Chicago by way of New Mexico.
She graduated from Willowbrook High School in suburban Chicago in1991. There she played varsity volleyball and continues to participate in the sport today. After working as a bartender for several years, Sikorski moved to New Mexico where she worked in office help and as a personal assistant to her stepmother and father, Michael.
Sikorski hopes to go freelance as a personal assistant in Louisville and is offering house cleaning services to get her foot in the door, so to speak.
‘What a personal assistant does is more or less errands. If you need stuff from the grocery store, someone to go to the bank, dry cleaners, to run your daily errands and organize your life while you’re working,’ she said.
Sikorski arrived here in mid-December but has been preoccupied with a back-and-forth commute to Chicago to be with her mother, Sue, who was recovering from kidney surgery. Now, she said, she is ‘looking to establish firm ground.’
She chose Harrison County because her best friend, Corydon attorney Amie Newlon, lives here.
She chose the Midwest for ‘the whole feel of it. To know that the seasons change, and there is winter, spring, fall and summer, (and) to be closer to friends and family ’cause I can go home and see all the friends I grew up with for $100 round-trip on Southwest (Airlines),’ she said.
Looking to unwind and make a fresh start ‘ ‘to look forward to new beginnings’ ‘ Sikorski moved to Harrison County and closer to Newlon, whom she had met through mutual friends.
In her free time, she likes to listen to music ranging from Toby Keith to Kid Rock, and she enjoys reading a variety of reading matter, including Danielle Steele and Civil War novels like ‘North and South.’
Sikorski likes to travel. In fact, she has been to every state except Alaska.
‘I’ve had friends all over the place, so it’s made it very easy for me to visit people all over,’ she said.
But as for Harrison County, she said, ‘I don’t see myself going anywhere anytime soon.’