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Lincoln Hills starts new service for young people

A Corydon church hopes to meet a need with a new fellowship and worship time called ‘Perk and Praise.’
‘There is a huge void in churches for young people after they get out of high school and before they are married and have kids,’ said Brad Tate, the youth minister at Lincoln Hills Christian Church. ‘So many kids fall away from God at that time.’
Tate, a 1999 graduate of Corydon Central High School, estimated that more than 50 percent of young people drop out of organized religion during their late teens and early 20s.
‘They’re too old for youth group, which they’ve always known … ,’ said Tate, 23. ‘They’re trying to figure out who they are outside of their family … ‘
Thus the idea of a Saturday evening gathering was born to help provide a place for young people to go, although people of all ages are welcome at Perk and Praise.
‘We were trying to think of a cool name,’ Tate said. ‘Someone suggested Perk and Praise. It kind of stuck with us.’
The first official Perk and Praise program will be held from 8 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24, at the church, located at 1130 Dale Ave. (The church recently held a ‘pilot’ service, attended by about 20 persons, to work out any kinks.) Future services will be held the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.
Child care will be available.
Tate said Perk and Praise is ‘very non-traditional’ with the first hour providing a time for socializing and playing board games. The second hour will be a worship service with audience participation. The service will be held in the fellowship hall to provide an informal atmosphere.
Limeberry Lumber in Corydon donated material for the stage, which will have a ‘full lighting system,’ Tate said.
It took two days to transform the fellowship hall for the pilot service, which included two 31-inch TVs. Now, thanks to a team of volunteers, Tate said they can probably do it in two hours.
(Later, the Perk and Praise service may be held in a house east of the church that Lincoln Hills recently purchased, Tate said.)
Several members of Lincoln Hills play in a band that will provide music at Perk and Praise: Parish Rexroat, vocalist; Jeff Ketterman, keyboard; Eric Deuser, drums, and Chad Skelly, bass. Tate also is part of the band, playing guitar.
Guest musicians will be invited to perform. Andrea Summer, a pianist/singer from Cincinnati, will be at the first Perk and Praise on Jan. 24.
Each service will have its own theme. The theme for the first service will be ‘Fame.’ There will also be a PowerPoint presentation set to music.
‘The more senses you can incorporate, the more people will take away (with them) from the service,’ Tate said.
So, for taste and smell, Perk and Praise will have baked goods and coffee ‘ but not just any coffee. It will be Pura Vida coffee, a fair-trade product. Tate said the company ensures that a percentage of its profits go back into communities where the coffee beans are grown to help raise living standards and to protect the environment. The church also likes the idea that Pura Vida means ‘pure life.’
Heading up the ‘perk’ side of the service is Michael Chanley, a 1994 CCHS graduate. Chanley gained considerable knowledge about coffees working two years for Starbucks. Perk and Praise will offer espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and steamed ciders. Chanley also will make his own ‘shakkaccinos,’ an ice-blended drink that can be coffee- or non-coffee based.
Chanley, 28, hopes to train other volunteers to work the coffee machines.
Another Lincoln Hills member, Trevor Adams, designed the Perk and Praise logo. Adams will run the audio-visual equipment for the service. (Other key team members are Allison Adams and Rose Chanley.)
There is no charge to attend Perk and Praise, and no offerings will be collected.
‘The church board told us not to worry about financing,’ Chanley said.
‘We really want to open this up to the community,’ Tate said, ‘to provide a safe environment for believers and non-believers.’
The men said they are getting the word out with flyers distributed to various places, including college campuses and other church youth groups. Rexroat is serving as the publicist. They also are depending on word of mouth.
‘We think it will really take off,’ Tate said.
For more information about Perk and Praise, call Tate or Chanley at the church at 738-8253.