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The new hospital and the definition of ‘we’

Regina Tekulve

I have been doing a lot of talking to people about a new hospital … and I think most believe it would be great to have a new facility. The question is, do we need to be in the hospital business? Are we as a county going to profit from this as a business, or does this just create a liability as well as a huge financial burden that we don’t need?
It has been said that if someone else owned the hospital, then we would lose control. Who is we? The people of Harrison County? I don’t think so.
If that was the case, we would have been consulted before the purchase of some very high-priced ground. I am afraid that the WE is very few people.
Why does this hospital have to be visible from the interstate? When Jewish Hospital was looking at our area for a new facility, they had an option on a piece of ground that was not visible from the interstate. I think they just might know a little more about the hospital business than we do. They came to us with an offer to buy part of the hospital and help finance the new building. How did we let that go?
Do we think the services they would give would be inferior to what we have now? I don’t think so.
Is it just possible that people with the opinion that all we have now is a Band-Aid station might use a new facility with a company like Jewish behind it? Talk about a win-win situation. We have a new facility without all the debt or liability.
Wake up, Harrison County. What is a new county hospital that we own going to do that a Jewish Hospital can’t?
Does anybody believe they can build and equip a hospital for $38 million? How much did the new jail cost? I don’t think they can build a modern facility with all new equipment in it for that.
Some of the operating rooms at Jewish cost more than $1 million each, and that is just one room.
It has been said several times that the current hospital has a water shortage, or no water pressure, and they would have to spend all kinds of money to put in a water tank or some sort of water storage.
What they are not telling you is that there is a 10-inch water main close enough that they can tap into it and have all the water and pressure they need. Now, we can look at this two ways:
One) Are they creating this imaginary water shortage issue to help them build a case for a new building?
Two) They have not done the necessary research to find out that the water is available. If this is the case, do you want these people cut lose with a $38 million-plus check, to spend at will? And, believe me, there will be a plus on that figure.
In either case, WE the people are being misled. WE are only being told what they want us to hear to justify their actions.
We as a county, not we as a hospital, in the very near future will need a new county building. The annex has to go. Why do we have an old building that floods (that’s another letter to the editor)? Anyway, what is the cost of that building going to be? $20 million? $30 million? $40 million? You bet it is, and we need it. There is not going to be any Jewish hospitals coming around offering to help us pay for it. So we should use someone else’s money whenever we can.
You all know what they say about opinions, and you have just read mine. Send me yours if you like, to: [email protected]
Bob McKim is a Corydon businessman.