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McClanahan, Rowe defeated as only appointees survive in Palmyra

The political pundits, gadflies and keepers of the scuttlebutt were on the right track if their predictions resounded the clich’ ‘the voters want a change’ in Palmyra. When the ballots were tallied only one voting member, George Morgan, remained after 10 candidates competed in four races.
Morgan said he wasn’t surprised.
‘I had a different fiscal policy than the rest of the board. I think the people were ready for a conservative approach,’ he said.
Morgan often voted against President Roy (Speedy) McClanahan and Trustee Carol Rowe (both of whom were elected in 1999) on funding issues and publicly disputed the board’s fiscal direction.
Incumbent Clerk Virginia Dale was the top vote-getter. Despite the election’s controversy, only 213 of Palmyra’s more than 550 registered voters (39 percent) went to the polls yesterday. Dale beat out challenger Cindy L. Galle, McClanahan’s daughter, 178-64.
The election was conducted by the town after it was refused by Harrison County Circuit Clerk Carole Gaither because of disputed district boundaries.
When election night came, the boundaries were no longer a topic of discussion. In fact, ‘I think the election went pretty smoothly,’ Dale said.
While opting for a change, the voters may have considered an advertisement paid for by McClanahan asking that voters support Rowe, Susan Strange, Galle and himself. Strange finished third of four candidates in Morgan’s District 3.
Technically, no one was reelected in Palmyra. Morgan and Dale were both appointed to the board after the start of the term.
In Palmyra’s District 1, Virginia Kirkham captured 73 percent of the vote, defeating Carol Rowe 169-64. Joseph Robbeloth, second officer with the Palmyra Volunteer Fire Dept., defeated McClanahan 148-88, grabbing 63 percent of the vote.
Morgan led the heavily contested District 3 with 95 votes, Betty Varble had 62, Strange 43 and Robert Frederick 33.
‘People have shown that they wanted a change. The things that were being done they did not want to continue,’ Robbeloth said.