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Man arrested for voyeurism

An arrest was made Sunday in the case of a Lanesville man who allegedly entered Lanesville Junior-Senior High School in an attempt at voyeurism. The suspect was caught on film which later aired on a WHAS-11 TV news program.
Joshua M. Burst, 19, was booked into the Harrison County Jail on misdemeanor charges of mischief and voyeurism, and a class D felony charge, criminal trespass in a school.
A security tape showed an individual identified as Burst arrive on campus about 5:30 p.m. Aug. 27. His automobile, a silver Ford Focus, was also identifiable.
Principal Tim Bridges viewed the tape after Scott Benson, the Lanesville Community School Corp.’s maintenance man, noticed ceiling tiles out of place during his Thursday morning walk-through.
The cameras reveal only the parking lot and entryways, but it is believed that Burst had entered a girls rest room and disturbed tiles there in an attempt to hide, leading to the charge of voyeurism, said Det. Capt. Richard Bauman of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept.
During the regular September meeting of the corporation’s school board, Supt. Phil Partenheimer praised the purchase of the security cameras as money well spent.
‘This is the exact reason we put the cameras in last year. I hope that our parents and community members in Franklin Township realize … our first priority with children is protection,’ Dr. Partenheimer said in an interview.
‘(The cameras) are not a deterrent until someone is caught, and, hopefully, they’ll be a deterrent now,’ he said.
The incident was discussed with Lanesville Junior-Senior High students and additional safety measures are being taken.
Extracurricular activities often find students remaining in the school until long after class has ended. The doors are now locked in the evening. The students have been asked to report anyone suspicious and not open the doors for anyone they do not know.
When student athletes leave, coaches have been asked to escort them out, Partenheimer said.