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Entry road construction delays have YMCA worried

Concerns have arisen over delays in completing the county road into the YMCA building site and Keller Sports Park off S.R. 337 in north Corydon.
YMCA executive director Catherine Turcotte said Monday, ‘My biggest concern is that we will have to tell the kids and their families that we can’t play baseball or soccer there in 2004.
‘I don’t want to be too pushy, but now the timing is critical,’ she said.
In an Aug. 6 memorandum to Harrison County Engineer Darin Duncan, Turcotte noted there had been no progress on the road in more than a month, even though Duncan had assured her the road would be completed by Aug. 11.
‘Since then we have had more good weather days than bad weather days, and Barks and Ferree has not been on the road project at all,’ she said.
‘Although the beginning day of the contract was April 1, several factors have influenced the chargeable workdays assessed to this project,’ Duncan said.
Those factors include delays caused by rain followed by appropriate drying-out time for the dirt, utility conflicts and delays while sinkhole treatments were completed by the Y’s grading contractor, and additional paving of an entrance to a neighboring business.
‘I regret that circumstances beyond our control have contributed to a longer-than-anticipated calendar schedule for completion of these improvements,” said Duncan.
‘I must remind all parties, however, that specifications and standards must be followed during the construction of this project to ensure that the county’s funds are not wasted in work that is substandard and subject to premature performance failures upon completion.
‘It is in everyone’s best interest, including the YMCA, that ample time and controls are allowed to properly complete this work.’
Regardless, the delays mean that, because closing on the bond issue has already taken place, $4,000 monthly payments will be due but significant revenue will be delayed until the Y’s building opens, Turcotte said.
Also, she said, temporary electricity, water and sewer services can’t be obtained until the road is complete. Subcontractors are reluctant to go to work at the site because rain could cause their equipment to be trapped in mud. The Y’s workers and concrete trucks are now using Limeberry Lumber’s land to get to the site, which inconveniences their customers.
‘Right now, we’re doing as much as we can ‘ grading fields ‘ but basically we don’t have a road; we’re driving over what will be the fields to do building construction,’ Turcotte said.
She added: ‘We appreciate the county doing this for us. They are doing it to benefit the youth, the Friends of the Harrison County Youth. But I’m concerned about how it’s affecting the YMCA and Keller Sports Park.’
Duncan said Harrison County has continually supported the YMCA’s efforts in developing their project.
‘Not only is the county funding the roadway construction at an original budget estimate of $200,000, but also contributing up to $100,000 to the cost of providing utilities to the Y site,’ Duncan said.