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Champion ‘White’-washes Invitational with pair of sizzling under-par rounds

Winning the New Salisbury Invitational may not rank with being an alternate for the U.S. Open qualifier or finishing seventh in the recent BellSouth Kentucky Amateur, but the two rounds of spectacular golf shot by Jason White will be quite a memory for the 32-year-old school teacher and golf coach from Pleasure Ridge Park.
White, who hails from Louisville, fired an opening round, five-under-par 65 on Saturday and followed with an equally impressive 67 on Sunday to snare the Invitational title by four strokes over aching 1996 champion Kevin Nash, 132-136. Nash injured his back earlier in the day moving furniture.
Bob Vinson was third with a 140, followed by the defending champion, Craig Smith, who carded a 142.
Seventy-six players took part.
This year’s champ finished ninth in his inaugural Invitational, in 2002, adding that the experience gained during that tour helped immensely this time out.
‘I’ve been playing much better this year, plus I think having seen the course and playing last year helped a lot because there are places where being familiar with the layout helps,’ White said.
‘I play a draw and the course sets up for a fade, but I did a much better job than last year in terms of being patient and hitting 3-irons and 3-woods off the tee. I was never in a lick of trouble all day Sunday, stayed patient, and just capitalized on every opportunity.’
The St. X and Bellarmine University graduate opened play Sunday with two pars before nailing down three consecutive birdies. Nash bogeyed his third hole to give White an additional stroke. White hit for a par-4 on No. 6, where Nash bogeyed.
The two leaders tied on the back side, with 34s.
The only hole that seemed to give White much trouble during the trip was par-3, 208-yard No. 7. He bogeyed his first time through and doubled the second time.
‘The guys I played with Saturday ‘ (former champion) Dan Beckovich, Neal Davis and Carl Hume ‘ and I joke that it’s the easiest par-4 in the state on that seventh hole,’ White said. ‘I actually felt like I hit a good tee ball the first time, when I hit a solid 5-iron, and then just barely missed where I wanted to hit it. The ball just stayed up top. Then the second time, I hit the green but was long, so I was above the hole both times. I guess it’s just one of those things where it’s a hard hole.’
White added that Nash was just close enough to keep the heat on throughout the round.
‘Everything there Sunday was just so penal, particularly with the placement of the pins. I made a couple of birdies early and got under par and that helped me stay patient,’ White said. ‘I knew that I had a five-stroke lead on those guys, and when I made the turn with a 33, I knew they had to have been going lights out to catch me … and none of them were under par at that point.
‘Then Kevin birdied No. 12, and that let me know he wasn’t giving up. It wasn’t a walk in the park by any means.’
For his efforts, White snared a 24-inch, flat-screen television. He said he’d like to be back next year to defense his title, which hasn’t been done in almost two decades.
‘The people at New Salisbury are really nice, and it’s a fun course to play,’ he said. ‘Unless I have a conflict with family, I’d like to be back.’
The low round Sunday was turned in by Bob Vinson, who had a 32. Four scores were turned in under par Sunday as well: Alan Reed had a 67 to tie White, and Bobby Johnson and Vinson each scored a 68.
Reed won the First Flight with a 142; Johnson (146) was the best in the Second Flight; Tony Garrett (157) came up with the victory in the Third Flight; Scott Hasty (165) took home first in the Fourth Flight, and Charlie Biggs (175) was the champion of the Fifth Flight.
At New Salisbury Golf Course
Championship Flight
J. White 65-67’132
K. Nash 66-70’136
Bo. Vinson 72-68’140
N. Davis 70-71’141
C. Smith 70-72’142
L. Harmon 72-71’143
T. Frossard 67-76’143
C. Hume 71-73’145
R. Timberlake 72-73’145
S. Beanblossom 73-73’146
Br. Vinson 73-74’147
D. Beckovich 73-76’149
T. Stinson 69-81’150
First Flight
A. Reed 75-67’142
B. Morris 76-71’147
T. Uhl 74-76’150
J. Schmidt 74-76’150
D. Dukes 75-76’151
K. Evans 74-78’152
J. Arledge 77-75’152
T. Coffman 76-76’152
B. Glordan 75-79’154
J. Shaffer 75-81’156
M. Jones 74-84’158
D. Faith 75-89’164
Second Flight
B. Johnson 78-68’146
S. Schmitt 78-71’149
S. Smith 78-74’152
R. Chinn 78-74’152
R. Schulz 79-73’152
R. Higdon 78-75’153
B. Schneider 81-73’154
J. Uhl 78-76’154
L.C. Nash 78-76’154
L. Meisner 79-75’154
J. Malady 79-82’161
G. Sarjent 81-82’163
J. Black 78-85’163
B. Emmons 79-86’165
R. Miller 79-86’165
E. Dutchess 79-92’171
S. Reising 81-93’174
Third Flight
T. Garrett 83-74’157
A. Rideout 82-76’158
S. Decker 84-77’161
S. Book 82-79’161
J. Barr 84-79’163
J. Wright 85-78’163
S. Armstrong 83-81’164
V. Biggs 83-82’165
P. Bennett 83-82’165
L. Long 82-84’166
Toddy O 82-86’168
R. Groudle 84-84’168
K. Bickett 85-84’169
T. Conway 86-87’173
Fourth Flight
S. Hasty 87-78’165
R. Pack 88-79’167
T. Gowers 90-78’168
M. Esarey 91-78’169
B. Uhl 90-82’172
C. Jones 88-89’177
D. Stout 88-90’178
W. Darnall 91-89’180
B. Mills 87-99’186
B. Roy 91-95’186
R. Cruse 90-97’187
C. Jordan 91-DQ
Fifth Flight
C. Biggs 92-83’175
L. Jones 94-82’176
M. Dziadosz 94-84’178
B. Zimmerman 93-86’179
J. O’Bold 96-86’182
J. Wolf 92-91’183
D. Clunie 94-90’184
T. Byrd 95-101’196
S. Taylor 95-101’196
R. Dornbush 112-105-217
M. Miller 92-WD
Past New Salisbury Invitational

2003 Jason White
2002 Craig Smith
2001 Mike Cason
2000 Dan Beckovich
1999 Jack Miles
1998 Steve Beanblossom
1997 Jack Miles
1996 Kevin Nash
1995 Bob Juliot
1994 Jim Anderson
1993 Mike Cason
1992 Bob Juliot
1991 Jack Miles
1990 Jerry Cox
1989 Jack Miles
1988 Bob Juliot
1987 Mike Cason
1986 Jack Miles
1985 Jack Miles
1984 Jack Miles
1983 Jim Saunders
1982 Jack Miles
1981 Gerald Raizor
1980 Gerald Raizor
1979 Mark Wilson
1978 Larry Harmon
1977 Jack Miles
1976 Jack Miles
1975 Jack Miles
1974 Jack Miles