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Cason snares second Old Capital crown

Cason snares second Old Capital crown
Cason snares second Old Capital crown
Mike Cason of Floyds Knobs reacted like many golfers would after lipping out a birdie putt on No. 18 that he thought would have won the Old Capital Golf Tournament championship on Sunday. Cason's closest competitor, Brent Miller, bogeyed the hole, so the tap-in par Cason was left with actually scored the win. (Photo by Alan Stewart)

Mike Cason thought a four-foot birdie putt on the 18th hole of Sunday’s final round of the Old Capital Golf Tournament was all that separated him from a second Old Cap championship.
Cason, who last won in 1999, checked the line of the putt from all sides, paying no attention to the large, vocal gallery that sat just a few yards away. Cason slowly made his way to the ball, took one look, one deep breath and drew the putter back.
The dimpled sphere trickled towards the hole and just before making a trek towards the bottom of the cup made an abrupt turn: the much-feared ‘ but often duplicated ‘ trip-around-the-lip brought a gasp from the crowd and a moan from Cason, who stood helpless, looking at the blue sky above.
As it turned out, the drama was all for naught as Miller had already bogeyed the hole, actually leaving the easy tap-in for par for the championship.
‘I thought that birdie putt was what I needed. When we made the turn, I caught a glimpse of where we were and then they had the leader board following us around, so I kept looking at that,’ Cason said. ‘When I stepped up to the 18th tee, it said that Brent and I were tied and of course, I didn’t know what he had done, but I had assumed he had a par on 18. I just tried to put it close on my second shot.’
Cason dropped home the par putt to finish with a score of 78 for the day and 148 for the tournament after firing a two-under par 70 on Saturday. Miller finished one shot back with a 149 on scores of 73 and 77 and Kenton Hobbs was third with a total score of 150 (73-77).
For his efforts, Cason snared a plaque and a set of Titleist irons, which will likely be passed down to his son, Brian, who also serves as his caddy.
Last year’s champion, Brett Stilwell, finished in 11th spot with a 155, 2001 champ Paul Cline scored a 157 and was 10th in the First Flight and Jack Miles, who won in 2000 and has 12 Old Cap championships to his credit, struggled with his putting on the first day and relegated himself to the First Flight. From a 76 on Saturday, Miles posted a low round of 72 on Sunday to actually tie Cason with a total of 148 and win the First Flight.
Only players in the championship flight are eligible to win the overall title.
‘With 180 players, I think it might be time to expand that final flight,’ Miles said.
Another player who might back Miles’ statement is Jon Mathes, who had a 76 on Saturday and a 73 on Sunday to finish with a 149, good enough for second in the First Flight and would have tied for third in the championship flight.
Filling out the field, despite the ’10 percent rule,’ Mick Saulman won the Second Flight with an overall score of 154. David Beanblossom was best in the Third Flight with a 165, Mike Ford’s 163 was good enough for the win in the Fourth Flight, Mark Wiseman was champ in the Fifth Flight with a score of 173 and Wayne Loney beat the field by five shots in the Sixth Flight for the win. The Seventh Flight was won by Chris Fessel and his score of 197.
Championship Flight
Mike Cason 70-78’148
Brent Miller 73-76’149
Kenton Hobbs 73-77’150
Bob Vinson 72-79’151
Steven Ruff 73-79’152
Ben Walton 74-79’153
Larry Harmon 71-83’154
Bobby Burgan 75-80’155
Brandon Vinson 75-80’155
Brian Vinson 75-80’155
Brett Stilwell 74-81’155
Aaron Greenwell 73-82’155
Steve Beanblossom 74-81’156
Neal Davis 73-83’156
Kristopher Hobbs 75-86’161
First Flight
Jack Miles 76-72’148
Jon Mathes 76-73’149
Rusty Dyer 76-74’150
Mitch Metzinger 77-73’152
Dan Shields 76-77’153
Keith Marshall 78-75’153
Jerry Harp 76-78’154
Mark Wright 77-78’155
Paul Schultz 78-78’156
Paul Cline 76-81’157
Alan Hess 76-81’157
Chad Dawson 78-80’158
Kevin Nash 76-83’159
Trent Newport 76-83’159
Jay Jordan 77-83’160
Kevin Evans 78-84’162
Larry Pendleton 76-87’163
Joey Sears 76-88’164
Bill Glass 77-88’165
David Dukes 77-90’167
Steve Smith 78-91’169
Jon Kerr 78-92’170
Jack Ragsdale 76-WD
Earle Udell, Jr. 77-WD
Second Flight
Mick Saulman 81-72 (73)’154
David Leuthart 79-77’156
Pat Palone 79-77’156
Bob Gordon 82-77’159
Josh Thompson 81-82’163
Kirk Hobbs 79-84’163
Tim Buckles 82-83’165
Bill Keeton 80-85’165
Ed Pitman 81-84’165
Bill Schneider 81-84’165
Brad Ragsdale 79-87’166
Roger Miller 80-88’168
Nick Emmons 79-90’169
Ed Abner 79-90’169
Larry Kemp 82-89’171
Cecil Hamilton 82-91’173
John Malady 81-93’174
Rick Pflanz 82-94’176
Darin Ward 79-WD
Greg Sarjeant 79-WD
Jerry Uhl 81-WD
Bill Hollingsworth 81-WD
Third Flight
David Beanblossom 83-82’165
Don Gossman 85-81’166
Kevin Kelly 84-85’169
Adam Beck 85-84’169
Tim Coffman 84-86’170
Bill Davis 83-87’170
Bob Johnson 84-88’172
Ken Bickett 83-89’172
Richard Timberlake 85-88’173
Roy Pack 85-90’175
John Taylor 83-93’176
Scott Armstrong 84-93’177
Brent Martin 83-95’178
Brian Lower 84-96’180
Michael Ludden 85-96’181
Jamie LaDuke 85-98’183
Darryl Evans 83-100’183
Mike Bennett 83-102’185
Bud Ruff 84-WD
Drew Apple 85-WD
Fourth Flight
Mike Ford 86-75 (77)’163
Phillip Bartram 86-80’166
John Deaton 86-84’170
Justin Evans 88-83’171
Gary Headrick 87-86’173
Erik Davis 87-87’174
David Smith 86-88’174
Chad Coffman 87-88’175
David Conklin 88-87’175
Ed Bowling 88-88’176
L.C. Nash 88-89’177
Frank Spanopoulos 88-89’177
Ray Roberson 86-91’177
Roger Kinder 86-93’179
Jon Anderson 87-94’181
Scott Dunaway 88-94’182
Steve Reising 88-95’183
Melvin Davis 87-96’183
Larry Bennett 88-101’189
Butchie Stilger 86-WD
Larry White 86-WD
Eric Hoehler 88-WD
Fifth Flight
Mark Wiseman 89-84’173
Bob Burgan 91-83’174
Bob Barringer 89-85’174
Monty Hocker 89-86’175
Frank Kemp 91-85’176
Ryan Groudle 93-84’177
Dale Fawver, Jr. 89-88’177
Chase Best 90-88’178
Jason Schneider 92-86’178
Tom Conway 90-90’180
Robert Jones 89-92’181
Dave Morrow 94-90’184
Jim Beanblossom 93-92’185
William Uhl 93-97’190
Nevin Ledford 92-102’194
Duke Mills 93-103’196
Tom Newport 93-109’202
Gerald Carpenter 93-109’202
Todd Gregory 94-111’205
John Daily 90-WD
Tom Butt 90-WD
Byron Dunn 91-WD
Bernie Evans 92-WD
Virgil Biggs 92-WD
Sixth Flight
Wayne Loney 95-85’180
Bill Fry 95-90’185
Tim Collins 98-90’188
Allens Gilbert 97-91’188
Jim LaDuke 98-92’190
Curt Jordan 100-88 (90) ‘190
Peter Krug 98-93’191
Bobby Whitaker 98-95’193
John Breeden 100-94’194
Charles Pendleton 100-97’197
Christopher Gilbert 104-94’198
John Fields 95-103’198
Ron Timberlake 95-103’198
Vaughn Rathbon 104-95’199
Dave Kubley 104-95’199
Bob Benton 101-100’201
Greg Ilko 101-101’202
Bill Mills 101-102’203
Dick Whittinghill 103-101’204
Fred Owen 98-106’204
Ben Mathes 101-104’205
Don Thiene 102-105’207
John Partenheimer 100-WD
Charles Quilleon 104-WD
Seventh Flight
Chris Fessel 106-91’197
Jim Tribble 107-92’199
Brian Walter 106-93 (95)’201
Carl Dillman 107-102’209
Marty Cook 111-99’210
Dan Capelle 109-101’210
Jim Hodge 109-103’212
Jack Walts 107-106’213
Gary LaDuke 105-108’213
Brandon Walts 111-105’216
Terry Walts 111-110’221
Kevin Smith 117-96 (105)’222
Gilbert Bezy 112-111’223
Eric Edwards 118-104 (106)’224
Dannie Schoolcraft 121-111’232
John Payne 123-106 (111)’234
John Stroud 112-126’238
Ray Mills 125-121’246
William Rayensburg 145-136’281
Wayne Darnall 105-WD
Gary O’Kelley 107-WD