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Can’t sleep? Help’s nearby

Can’t sleep? Help’s nearby
Can’t sleep? Help’s nearby
Kathryn Prenatt, left, watches while Patsy Breland prepares to slip a mask on Mark Prenatt during an open house Monday at the Center for Sleep Disorders at Harrison County Hospital in Corydon. Also watching is Missy Blevens. (Photo by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor)

Having trouble sleeping? You’re not alone.
The National Sleep Foundation says sleep problems are reported by persons suffering from a wide range of ailments, including:
* Depression, 82 percent;
* Stroke, 81 percent;
* Heart disease, 76 percent;
* Lung disease, 75 percent;
* Diabetes or arthritis, 72 percent, and
* Hypertension, 71 percent.
Bodily pain, excess weight and ambulatory limitations also impact sleep.
Other things, such as this Sunday’s time change, can disrupt normal sleeping patterns in adults as well as children.
But there is help available for persons suffering from any one of a variety of sleep disorders, and it’s close by: the Center for Sleep Disorders at the Harrison County Hospital in Corydon.
“I still hear a lot of people say that they didn’t even know Corydon had a sleep lab,” said Kathryn Prenatt, who was recently certified as a polysomnographic technologist.
Prenatt’s certification brings the sleep center, which has been open for about five years, up to the highest standards.
“We have an excellent staff,” Prenatt said, which includes sleep technician Beth Peters and office manager Brenda Reece. Dr. Joseph Seipel, who is a neurologist board certified in sleep medicine, and Dr. Michael Bonacum complete the diagnostic team.
As part of Sleep Awareness Week, March 31 to April 4, the Center for Sleep Disorders is holding open houses. The last one is tomorrow (Thursday) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The center is located at 245 Atwood Street, near the hospital.