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Milltown councilman arrested

Milltown Town Councilman David Pierson was arrested late last Tuesday night and charged with domestic abuse and intimidation after his wife, Betty Pierson, told police he was violent toward her.
David Pierson, 44, was taken by Milltown Police to the Harrison County Jail, where he was held for the mandatory 24-hour cooling-off period. On Friday, the Harrison County Prosecutor’s Office formally filed a misdemeanor battery charge against Pierson and intimidation, a felony.
According to the report filed by Milltown Marshal Conrad Bishop, who made the arrest, Betty Pierson, 56, approached him at about 9:30 p.m. in the police department parking lot.
“As we stepped into the light, I noticed blood around her mouth and nose, also on her night robe,” Bishop said in a written report.
When Bishop asked what had happened, she told him her husband “came home, started kicking and hitting their dog.”
Betty Pierson said she went into the bedroom to avoid David, but he came in the room, “grabbed her by the hair” and “pulled her off the bed.” She stood up, but “he pushed her down on the bed, using his forearm, forcing her face into the mattress. She stood up a second time, and again he pushed her down into a mirror,” cutting her arm, Bishop said.
The policeman saw the cuts and told the woman he was going to call an ambulance for her, but she refused. He offered her the telephone numbers for shelter and counseling, but she again refused, saying Pierson had threatened her and her family. She told Bishop she had a place to stay.
After contacting Harrison County Dispatch for assistance, Bishop drove to the Piersons’ Milltown-Frenchtown Road residence. After Bishop tried several times to rouse someone, David Pierson answered the door. Bishop said in his report that he smelled an odor associated with alcohol on Pierson, but no alcohol-related charges were filed.
When Bishop asked Pierson if anything had happened, Pierson asked Bishop what he meant. Bishop asked Pierson where his wife was, and he said he didn’t know. Pierson said he had been arguing with her about Pierson’s son. Bishop told Pierson his wife had showed up at the police station bleeding. Pierson said she wasn’t bleeding when she left the house.
Bishop saw a broken mirror and disheveled bed covers. He reported that when he placed Pierson under arrest, Pierson “was upset and threatened to fire me after he got out.”
Chief Marshal Ray Saylor notified Milltown Council President David Skinner that night of Pierson’s arrest. As of Saturday, Skinner said he had not talked again to Saylor or Pierson.
In a telephone interview yesterday, Pierson said he hopes the situation will be settled soon.
“This is all a misunderstanding, and, hopefully, it will be resolved,” he said.
Asked if he was living at the address where he was arrested, which is believed to be outside town limits, Pierson said he and his wife have various properties, but he wasn’t specific about which one he calls his primary residence.
If Pierson lives outside the town limits, he would not be eligible to serve on the council. The telephone directory lists Pierson’s address as 202 Indiana Ave., which is in town.
“That’s where I get (in touch with) him,” Skinner said.
Skinner said he expected the council, which also includes Jeanie Melton, to address the situation shortly, possibly at its year-end meeting Dec. 26.
“I’m sure when all the facts come out down the line, the board will have to respond,” Skinner said.
Pierson is scheduled to appear in Harrison Superior Court for an initial hearing on Feb. 24.