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Palmyra marshal resigns

Palmyra Town Marshal Delana Smith turned in her letter of resignation to the town board during a special meeting Thursday evening that said she was resigning because of “recent and sudden changes in attitude, cooperation and political games by Roy (Speedy) McClanahan.”
She wrote: “I feel I am not being allowed to and am unable to perform my duties as the Palmyra town marshal. I believe that decisions have been made without my knowledge or input which has created much turmoil and many liability issues that I am not willing to take responsibility for.”
Smith had been town marshal since Jan. 1. She was paid $1,000 per month to patrol 20 hours a week. (She also works full-time for Harrison County Hospital Emergency Medical Services.)
Town board chair McClanahan said, “We were not sure that she was doing her job, and we wanted to make sure there was no ‘ghost employment’ in Palmyra.
“She told us she was patrolling from midnight to 5 a.m. some nights, but we couldn’t be sure of that. Besides, we needed her on patrol in the evenings, and she wasn’t always available then.”
McClanahan had recently suggested putting Smith on a regular work schedule, which Smith objected to. She said the proposed schedule required her to work too many days and that she would not work every day.
The proposed schedule was for Smith to work a five-hour shift on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and either Friday or Sunday evenings.
The original agreement Smith had with Palmyra was that she was free to patrol at her own discretion and set her own hours, as long as she put in the required number of hours each week.
“We’re learning from our mistakes,” board member Carol Rowe said to Smith. “We should have had a time clock for you to punch and had you keep track of your mileage. We were wrong for not setting any boundaries.”
McClanahan said a decision will be made about the town marshal position at next month’s board meeting. He said he knows of several people who might be interested in the job.