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Bids accepted for paving 15 miles of road

Bid packages were opened and partially awarded July 15 by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners for paving more than 15 miles of county road with revenue from Caesars’ Glory of Rome gambling vessel.
The work will cost a little more than $635,000, which is below the Harrison County Engineering Dept.’s estimate of $733,195.
Seven bid packages were opened, but only four were awarded for work in each of the three commissioners’ districts.
All the bids were awarded to the low bidder, Harbeson Brothers Paving and Sealing of Corydon in District Three, and Corydon Stone and Asphalt in District One.
The only other bidder was Gohmann Asphalt and Construction Co. of Clarksville.
Three bids totaling $238,946 were taken under advisement by District Two Commissioner J.R. Eckart, pending progress on other road projects that just got underway by the low bidder, Harbeson Brothers. Those contracts were awarded in an earlier letting.
Harrison County Engineer Darin Duncan warned that Harbeson might have a problem producing the amount of asphalt needed to complete all of the projects this construction season.
Third District Commissioner Terry L. Miller said the company is bonded and penalities can be imposed if the projects aren’t completed within the 60 days allowed after the notice to proceed is issued.
“Who are we to sit here and say they can’t do it?” Miller asked, rhetorically.
“I’m making you aware it could be an issue,” Duncan said.
Eckart said, however, that constituents would be unhappy if the work isn’t completed this year.
Monday, Dallas Harbeson, president of Harbeson Brothers, said his company would have no problem producing enough asphalt to complete construction.
The company expects to finish work this week in the North District on jobs awarded during the last bidding session and next week expects to move into Eckart’s Second District.
While First District Commissioner James Goldman readily accepted Corydon Stone and Asphalt’s two low bids in his northern district, he did so with a note of caution and a plea for help. That’s because he’s out of money, having spent his road cash to improve some “extremely poor, narrow” roads. “It took a lot of work to get them paved,” Goldman said.
His motion to ask the county council for $600,000 in riverboat infrastructure revenue for contractural services in each of the three districts was seconded by Eckart. The commissioners agreed the request will be made for each of the districts in keeping with Councilman Alvin Brown’s earlier admonition to spend the money fairly.
Here are the next roads and footage slated for improvements and the bid prices:
Commissioner James Goldman

Tunnel Hill Road, from S.R. 337 to S.R. 64, 9,640 feet;
Greenbriar Road, from S.R. 64 to end of blacktop, 4,958;
Greenbriar Road, from end of blacktop to end of road, 1,525;
Engleman Road, from S.R. 64 to end of road, 1,509;
Cooks Mill Road, from German Ridge Road to end of road, 4,150;
Lone Acres Drive, from Oak Park Road to Spring Branch Road, 2,430;
Walker Road, from Cooks Mill Road to end of road, 2,465;
Emerson Road, from S.R. 337 to end of road, 1,181;
Hess Chapel Road, from S.R. 337 to end of blacktop, 860;
Hess Chapel Road, from end of blacktop to end of road, 1,269;
Paul Sieg Lane, from S.R. 337 to end of road, 1,125;
Shady Lane, from S.R. 135 to end of road, 3,585.
Total: 6.56 miles
Bid total: $204,607
Commissioner J.R. Eckart

Hillgrove Road, from Harrison-Heth Road to Lickford Bridge Road, 2,593 feet;
Whippoorwill Lane, from Fairview Church Road to Heidelberg Road, 5,131;
Buck Creek Valley Road, from Shewmaker Lane west to creek, 3,764;
South Pleasant Road, from Pleasure Ridge Road to end of blacktop, 1,482;
Steam Engine Road, from Shiloh Road to Heidelberg Road, 6,464;
Walnut Valley Road, from Mount Solomon Road to end of road, 600;
Walnut Valley Road, from Old Forest Road to 4,500 feet north, 4,500;
Feller Road, from Old Forest Road to end of road, 1,411.
Total: 4.9 miles
Bid price: $238,946
Commissioner Terry Miller

Stoner Hill Road, from S.R. 111 to new blacktop, 1,650 feet;
Simpson Road, from Stoner Hill Road to end of road, 1,950;
Deatricks Road, from Pine Hill Drive to new blacktop, 1,975;
Deatricks Road, from Pine Hill Drive to end of road, 1,747;
Critchlow Road, from Old Dam 43 Road to end of road, 3,746;
Dixie Road, from New Amsterdam Road to blacktop, 7,360;
Cotner Lane, from New Amsterdam Road to end of road, 857;
Reed Road, from Heth-Washington Road to end of road, 300.
Total: 3.7 miles
Bid price: $191,449