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Public schools are in good hands

Barring any last-minute shuffles, all the public schools in Harrison County seem to be pretty well-fixed when it comes to principals. Two weeks ago, the South Harrison Community School Corp. announced that former vice principal Carole Shields will succeed Wayne Apple as principal at Corydon Central High School – the first woman ever to be principal at CCHS.
Wayne Apple, a very capable and popular principal, has moved over to New Middletown Elementary School, succeeding John Carnes, who was lured from retirement to be a temporary principal when the new school opened and stayed for 1-1/2 years.
The Lanesville school system announced recently that Lanesville Junior-Senior High School social studies teacher Tim Bridges, formerly grade school principal in Lanesville, will be the new principal at Lanesville Junior-Senior High.
Bridges succeeds Dr. Phil Partenheimer, who was recently promoted to superintendent in Lanesville, succeeding Dr. Mary Lou Ney, who’s moved to Brown County. Partenheimer had spent a brief time as LJSHS principal succeeding Cathy Ryan, who moved to an administrative job at a Charlestown school. Partenheimer, a former counselor and coach, toiled for many years as vice principal at North Harrison High School. When the calls came, he was ready.
It may sound a bit like musical chairs, but one good development through all these changes is that, for the most part, good local people have been promoted up through the ranks to positions of leadership in communities they know well.
In covering the schools, we’ve dealt with these people for years, and we think their schools are in good hands. One characteristic that you see in almost all these people, and in most of the other principals around Harrison County — aside from lots of schooling and plenty of experience — is enthusiasm, and a positive attitude. They love what they do, and it shows. They’re not grumps or complainers. They get excited about teaching and working with young people. They’re probably already excited about the next school year, and so are we, because great things will happen.