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Drivers should use courtesy to avoid costly mishaps

A couple of weeks ago, the headlight on a co-worker’s car was broken during a crash. It wasn’t a bad wreck, but the incident could have been prevented — and saved her about $80.
When her car was parked at a Corydon shopping center, a shopping cart blew into it during a storm and broke the glass covering the right headlight. Not a big deal, probably not as costly as, say, a cart scraping the paint along the entire side of the car.
But the point is it could have been prevented if the person who had used the cart returned it to the store or placed it in one of those shopping cart corrals the store provides in the lot.
Have we really become such an impatient society that we can’t take an extra few seconds to do something like that? This wasn’t a single incident: Several other vehicles sustained damage as well on the same day from rolling carts. (Incidents like this also happen on “normal” days.)
Our impatience seems to be at its worst when we’re behind the steering wheel or about to get in our vehicles.
A major restaurant chain has taken notice and is using commercials to remind motorists of some courtesies. Cracker Barrel began airing the commercials about the same time schools ended for the summer, realizing that more drivers would be taking to the roads.
Harrison Countians, take heed!
For example, one says, Use your turn signal. I know there are times when a driver doesn’t realize until the last moment that he/she needs to turn. But most of the time, a motorist just doesn’t bother to flip the signal. This is inconsiderate, but it also puts yourself at risk of being involved in an accident.
The second reminder is: Don’t drive on the shoulder of the road. How often do you see motorists drive off the right side of the road to go around a vehicle that’s waiting to turn left?
Granted, if the driver who stopped didn’t give the driver behind him/her enough notice that they were going to turn, that’s one thing, but usually motorists just go around on the right because they don’t want to wait.
My “favorite” variation is the drivers who use the parking lane to go around someone who stopped to turn left. Or sometimes these people use the parking lane to pull on up to a traffic light and turn right without waiting behind everyone else — regardless if they are turning or continuing straight through the light.
These numbskulls assume that everyone is either continuing straight or turning left; they don’t realize there might be a driver farther ahead who’s planning to turn right also, perhaps without their turn signal on.
These are behaviors that can get you a traffic citation if a police officer sees you committing the violation. Is it really worth a fine to not have to wait a few extra seconds?
And while we’re on the subject of driving courtesies, or lack of them, let’s not forget the STOP signs in the Wal-Mart Supercenter lot in Corydon. They mean just that: STOP. Those traffic signs are no different than the STOP signs at any intersection. I realize that sometimes it seems you could spend half your life in front of the store while you wait for all those shoppers to pass, but the signs are there for a reason.
Another accident waiting to happen was put in place when Landmark Avenue was made a one-way street. Motorists going north on S.R. 135 and turning right on to Landmark were used to being able to turn right on red (afer making a complete stop at the light, of course), before the intersection was revamped.
Many drivers apparently have not noticed the sign installed there that now prohibits turning right except when the traffic signal is green. This is because of traffic leaving Arby’s and Five Star onto Landmark or S.R. 135 or crossing over 135 into the Old Capital Centre.
Come on, drivers, use a little common courtesy both in your vehicles and with your shopping carts. The next accident to occur might involve you!