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Survey of 3-B’s underground fuel storage tanks will be reviewed

An environmental clean-up update on the 3-B Barrel and Drum Co. site at Central Barren will be presented Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Room at the Harrison County Court House.
Earlier reports that the 23 acres and vacant building, first a meat packing plant and most recently the barrel cleaning company, were not as contaminated as first thought still hold, but the latest results of testing underground fuel storage tanks will be discussed at Tuesday’s public hearing.
Commissioner James Goldman, whose First District includes the site, said Gregg Romaine of Supreme Environmental Service Co. of Indianapolis will be here to answer questions about the company’s survey of the property and findings.
“We will address the issue of underground fuel tanks and provide information as to whether they are leaking,” Goldman said.
A geologist is expected to talk about the site’s terrain and how soil conditions may have helped disburse any contaminants, Goldman said.
The update is expected to take about an hour, he said.
Goldman said his next step in the clean-up will be an attempt to obtain a federal or state grant to cover the expense of removing the storage tanks. A fuel tax is assessed for such purposes, Goldman said.
Once the underground tanks have been removed, Goldman said he will then push to have the building torn down so the property would be more attractive to a prospective buyer. Selling the existing building as is might lead to another unwelcome business.
Ownership of the 3-B property has reverted to the county for non-payment of property taxes.
Yesterday, 3-B owner Alan Blackman remained in custody. Blackman, 57, was jailed in January for failing to clean-up the site in accordance with an earlier plea agreement to resolve felony charges filed in 1998 for storing hazardous waste.
Although the building has been essentially cleaned of debris and barrels, both empty and partially filled, the clean-up must be approved by the court and documentation of proper disposal must be provided before Blackman can be released.