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Special Olympians compete at ISU

Harrison County Special Olympics competed in the Summer Games at Indiana State University in Terre Haute June 7-9.
In all, 20 medals were won by the local athletes.
Here is a list of the top finishers (division and time in parenthesis): 50-meter run — Crystal Hale (F14, 11.72), gold; Bruce Senn (M16, 11.02), fourth; Alice Brennan (F20, 12.78), sixth; Nikkie Brennan (F23, 43.38), sixth; Eric McPherson (M05, 8.59), silver; Doug Barker (M07, 9.88); Joshua Taylor (M09, 11.94), bronze. 100-meter run — Patrick Brennan (M35, 18.68), silver; Alice Brennan (F26, 26.32), fourth; Stephen Ladd (M21, 16.56), bronze; Stephanie Ladd (F17, 18.95), gold; Eric McPherson (M08, 15.54), gold; Cotey Thompson (M08, 17.07); Ryan Wilkerson (M10, 18.34); Joshua Taylor (M13, 25.08), eighth. 200-meter run — Walley LeLeux (M17, 37.50), seventh; Stephanie Ladd (F10, 43.07), gold; Eric McPherson (M04, 33.20), gold; Cotey Hale (M04, 36.77), sixth; Ryan Wilkerson (M06, 37.69), fourth. 400-meter run — Eric McPherson (M02, 1:18.47), bronze; Walley LeLeux (M10, 1:16.25). 400 relay — Harrison County 4-wheelers (Doug Barker, Ryan Wilkerson, Cotey Thompson, Eric McPherson) 1:12.32, silver; Harrison County Anacondas (Joshua Taylor, Stephanie Ladd, Bruce Senn, Stephen Ladd) 1:25.94, bronze; Harrison County Rock-Its (Alice Brennan, Crystal Hale, Patrick Brennan, Walley LeLeux) 1:22.77, sixth. Standing long jump — Crystal Hale (F12, 77 cm), eighth; Doug Barker (M06, 1m-16cm), bronze; Ryan Wilkerson (M07, 1m-15cm), bronze. Running long jump — Stephanie Ladd (F05, 1m-27cm), sixth; Cotey Thompson (M07, 1m-85cm), fifth; Bruce Senn (M14, 2m-1cm), fourth; Stephen Ladd (M14, 2m-60cm), gold; Walley LeLeux (M19, 2m-93cm), silver. Shot put — Stephen Ladd (M06, 6m-63cm), fourth; Bruce Senn (M09, 4m-83cm); Crystal Hale (F05, 4m-62cm), bronze; Walley LeLeux (M13, 5m-75cm), bronze; Patrick Brennan (M15, 4m-24cm), fifth. Softball throw — Josh Taylor (M10, 13m-90cm), gold; Doug Barker (M09, 18m-50cm), fourth; Crystal Hale (F13, 12m-28cm), seventh; Alice Brennan (F31, 10m-20cm), fourth; Nikkie Brennan (F26, 5m), fourth; Ryan Wilkerson (M08, 21m-17cm), fifth. 400-meter walk — Nikkie Brennan (F11), seventh.