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Planners reject Boehman’s Paintball Fun expansion

Plans to expand the Paintball Fun business between Corydon and Lanesville were shot down by the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission earlier this month when a zoning change request was denied.
Steve C. Boehman requested last month a zoning change from A-R to PUD (Planned Unit Development) for his property at 2690 Breckenridge Road, the site of Paintball Fun, but the plan commission tabled the request until it could make a site visit on April 13.
Proposed plans for “The Fun Farm,” which Boehman wanted to rename his business, included a go-cart track, water slides, batting cages, miniature golf, snowboarding and grassboarding, bumper cars, courts for basketball, tennis and volleyball, horseback riding and stables.
A rough sketch of the 76-acre site also showed plans for four 12-plex apartment buildings, lots for houses and a mobile home park.
Boehman estimated it would be four to five years before he started on the residential aspect of The Fun Farm.
Opponents of the expansion who attended the April 4 meeting cited several concerns, including increased traffic and noise, stormwater run-off, decreasing property values and light pollution.
At its regular meeting May 2, the plan commission allowed discussion involving any additional information, but very little was presented.
Plan commission chair Larry Ott opened the floor for a motion.
Jerry Dryden moved to deny the request, “based on lack of suitability for the area.” Joe Martin seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
During discussion, most of the nine-member board said the project would be too large for the area.
“There was a good amount of recreation and greenspace that was complementary to the natural surrounding” of the area, Dryden said, but he didn’t believe the rest of the project “fit the tranquil atmosphere.”
Findings of fact adopted by the plan commission for its unfavorable recommendation cited, among other things, that the plan “doesn’t promote orderly growth” and “could overburden existing infrastructure.”
Also at the May 2 plan commission meeting, the board:
* Gave a favorable recommendation to Dave VanWinkle’s request to rezone property at 1560 Railroad Avenue in Ramsey, from R-1 to B-2. VanWinkle, owner of VanWinkle Service Center, wants to expand his business to include automotive repair work.
* Approved a favorable recommendation for Bullock Oil Co.’s request to rezone property at 1555 Highway 64 NE from B-1 to B-2. Plans are to close the deli in the Cowboys station there and open a Subway sandwich shop.
* Approved an amendment to the county’s zoning ordinances regarding definitions, special exceptions and permitted use tables, and one to the county’s subdivision ordinance pertaining to checkpoint meetings, water service and lot layouts with septic. The plan commission also amended the county’s ordinance for flood hazard areas to bring the amendment in line with the state’s ordinance.
Craig Bramlett withdrew his request for change of zone at 4550 Crandall-Lanesville Road, north of Lanesville, from A-R and B-4 to B-2 after members of the plan commission indicated that they preferred to retain the B-4 zone or would prefer a PUD request.
Plan commission member Jim Klinstiver took a few minutes to address the board following his participation on the Farmland Preservation Tour last month, that included stops in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.
“The tour is all about development rights … ” he said. “This coincides with what we’re trying to do here.”
Klinstiver said he wanted to see the plan commission appoint a citizen committee to study the A-R zone as it exists in Harrison County and suggested hiring professional consultants to study the county’s small towns to make suggestions about development.
After some discussion, the plan commission moved to direct the planning and zoning staff to check into what steps would be necessary to form a citizen committee and to report its findings back to the plan commission.
The Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s next regular meeting is June 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Room of the Harrison County Court House.