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Palmyra OKs waterlines for Bradford

The residents of Bradford will soon be getting relief from their water leak problems when new six-inch waterlines are installed this summer through the small town and the surrounding area. The $1.8 million project was approved Thursday by the Palmyra town council at its monthly meeting.
A 500,000-gallon water tank will be constructed in the Central Barren area to provide water to the town from the Palmyra Water Co.
Bids for the waterline work will be accepted in June with construction work slated to begin in July. The project is expected to take about six months to complete.
The Harrison County commissioners and council approved $690,000 in riverboat money for the project with the rest coming from Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management.
Palmyra council president Roy (Speedy) McClanahan said about 10 residents of Bradford attended the meeting to support the waterline project. He said there are close to 400 water customers in the Bradford area where 40 percent of Palmyra’s waterline breaks occur.
“Bradford comes first. The residents there had been asking for help for years. Their waterlines are old and need replacing right away,” said McClanahan. “I have been working on getting funding for this project to fix Bradford’s waterlines for more than a year, and Bradford will come first, before the sewer project.”
McClanahan said bids will be accepted for the town sewer project April 16 at 6 p.m. at the town hall. The sewer project is to begin in August.
The town board agreed to start looking for land suitable for building a new town hall. About a quarter-acre would be needed for the building and some parking, McClanahan said.
Palmyra is seeking bids for trash collection. The board wants to contract with one company to pick up trash for the whole town in an effort reduce the cost of individual trash pickup and traffic congestion.
Palmyra, Milltown and Lanesville have agreed to work together to purchase and share a street sweeper and leaf blower. McClanahan said that no cost estimates have been acquired yet.
The town board also heard a request to keep residential water meters in the name of property owners instead of renters, to reduce the chance of renters not paying their final bill. If meters are in the owners’ names, the owners would be responsible for payment of the bill.