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Johnson, Byrne score firsts in 10k Rodes City Run

Palmyra’s Chad Johnson and Georgetown’s Ryane Byrne were both winners in Saturday’s Rodes 10k City Run, which was held on the streets of Louisville.
Johnson scored first place in the wheelchair division with a time of 22:51 while Byrne, a freshman at North Harrison, won his 15-16 age group and was 29th overall with a time of 36:14.
Johnson’s win was his second in a row in the event. He was the Triple Crown winner last year.
Byrne’s win was his third in four tries in the City Run and he shaved two minutes off last year’s winning time.
Several other runners from Harrison, Crawford and Floyd County took part in the event, which had a record number of entries with 5,633. Included in that bunch was Lanesville’s Tim Korte. Korte, who was 11th overall in the City Run, won last year’s Lanesville Heritage 8-miler.
Here’s an alphabetical listing of area runners with name, hometown, place and time (chip time):
Male runners — Patrick Alvey (Georgetown) 1,514th place in 52:57; Adam Belden (New Middletown) 1,060th place in 50:59; David Black (Georgetown) 1,767th place in 52:36; Gary Boley (Georgetown) 3,656th place in 1:04:54; Doug Bostock (Georgetown) 249th place in 42:16; Chris Buess (Corydon) 1,376th place in 49:04; Dr. Bruce Burton (Corydon) 2,804th place in 57:57; Ryan Byrne (Georgetown) 29th place in 36:14; Dan Cook (Mauckport) 4,345th place in 1:17:33; Carl Daugherty (Palmyra) 552nd place overall in 46:36; Simon Davis (Depauw) 337th place in 43:56; Troy Davis (Georgetown) 317th place in 43:49; Nick Day (Lanesville) 457th place in 44:51; Don Dearing (Lanesville) 1,913th place in 54:23; Robert Dooley (New Salisbury) 1,677th place in 52:54; Denny Doutaz (English) 3,299th place in 1:02:09; Kevin Evans (Corydon) 561st place in 46:36; Josh Ferry (Georgetown) 1,725th place in 52:57; Gordon Geswein (Palmyra) 3,254th place in 1:03:06; Douglas Green (Georgetown) 2,644th place in 56:31; Jack Hagedorn (Georgetown) 3,815th place in 1:08:39; Greg Hayden (Corydon) 191st place in 41:23; Jeff Hoback (Georgetown) 136th place in 40:10; Kyle Hublard (Corydon) 3,953rd place in 1:06:12; Tim Korte (Lanesville) 11th place in 33:34; Paul Maymon (Georgetown) 2,448th place in 54:46; Don McWilliams (Lanesville) 3,043rd place in 58:20; Roger Miller (Georgetown) 1,389th place in 50:47; Anthony Milliner (Elizabeth) 2,535th place in 55:54; Perry Neutz (Lanesville) 1,168th place in 51:09; Pat Noon (Corydon) 793rd place in 47:52; Stephen Paul (Corydon) 1,779th place in 51:55; Jerry Roach (Depauw) 1,178th place in 47:55; Mark Rothrock (Depauw) 2,585th place in 56:30; Jeremy Shumate (Corydon) 412th place in 44:33; Tom Spooner (Lanesville) 1,428th place in 52:04; Faron Sturgeon (Leavenworth) 1,286th place in 48:33; Gordon Taylor (Depauw) 912th place in 48:51; Russ Villier (Palmyra) 2,711th place in 59:18; Vince Vissing (Georgetown) 2,046th place in 55:35; John Voorhees (Georgetown) 542nd place in 46:25; Rich Walker (Georgetown) 1,171st place in 49:25; Dallas Waynescott (Ramsey) 732nd place in 48:19; Robert Wiedeback (New Salisbury) 409th place in 58:10; Stephen Willis (Leavenworth) 1,150th place in 50:58; Female runners — Dory Babcock (Ramsey) 3,686th place in 1:02:41; Deborah Bary (Corydon) 3,581st place in 1:04:24; Emily Bierman (Georgetown) 2,379th place in 57:09; Karen Biery (Georgetown) 4,572nd place in 1:26:51; Annette Borders (Georgetown) 4,619th place in 1:26:34; Joan Burton (Corydon) 4,032nd place in 1:09:02; Carla Corley (Lanesville) 1,921st place in 54:41; Patricia Emerson (Lanesville) 433rd place in 45:11; Stephanie Frazier (Corydon) 4,513rd place in 1:25:36; Lori Green (Georgetown) 3,937th place in 1:07:18; Janice Hagedorn (Georgetown) 3,385th place in 1:03:49; Angeline Janes (Lanesville) 4,663rd place in 1:33:05; Lisa Klein (Lanesville) 2,394th place in 55:44; Debbie Lowell (Georgetown) 4,650th place in 1:30:47; Jennifer McFerran (Corydon) 3,057th place in 58:00; Jessica McWilliams (Lanesville) 2,570th place in 55:30; Lisa Miller (Georgetown) 1,424th place in 51:02; Shari Navis (Georgetown) 2,843rd place in 57:58; Amy Nelson (Mauckport) 1,972nd place in 56:10; Cathy Palmer (Corydon) 3,455th place in 1:04:09; Mary Paul (Corydon) 1,349th place in 49:32; Toya Payne (Georgetown) 4,992nd place in 1:44:32; Jo Ellen Peers (Georgetown) 2,195th place in 56:39; Danielle Ragains (Corydon) 3,018th place in 57:46; Mary Renn (New Middletown) 4,672nd place in 1:31:51; Kimberly Schoch (Georgetown) 2,020th place in 55:10; Cathy Shuler (Lanesville) 4,889th place in 1:37:01; Julie Spooner (Lanesville) 1,882nd place in 54:32; Carrie Stein (Georgetown) 4,980th place in 1:43:50; Marlinda Stull (Corydon) 4,221st place in 1:13:33; Jamie Sweeney (Palmyra) 4,117th place in 1:12:39; Katie Wohlfarth (Crandall) 3,894th place in 1:08:48.