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Riverboat revenue report

Since the flow of gaming revenue from Caesars Indiana casino at Bridgeport began in January 1999, Harrison County has received nearly $60.5 million. As of March 8, those funds have been shared with other government entities or allocated, spent or saved to meet a variety of current or future needs.
The total includes Harrison County’s earnings of nearly $1 million from investments of riverboat fund surpluses. Those monies were at first allocated to various riverboat accounts, but, since December 2000, the earnings have been deposited into the county general fund to help reduce property taxes.
Prior to receiving riverboat funds, a task force including Harrison County officials debated at length how the money should be spent.
After meetings to gather public input on needs and concerns of residents throughout the county, elected officials decided to set aside a percentage of the income for use in six categories:
Revenue sharing, 18 percent;
Infrastructure, 35 percent;
Education, 17 percent;
Human services, 10 percent;
Economic development, five percent, and
Contingency (rainy day fund), 15 percent.
Here is a general accounting of spending through last year and balances in each of those accounts, rounded. (More detailed figures are available at the Harrison County Auditor’s office.)
Revenue sharing
Total receipts: $10.7 million
Current balance: $392,462
Crawford County, $4.2 million
Washington County, $1 million
Floyd County, $525,758
New Albany, $1.6 million
Georgetown, $525,758
Harrison County towns, $157,727 each
(Includes Corydon, Crandall, Elizabeth, Laconia, Lanesville, Mauckport, Milltown, New Amsterdam, New Middletown, Palmyra)
Those towns also receive additional funds based on population from the infrastructure account. Townships receive funds based on population from the contingency account.
Total receipts: $20.8 million
Current balance: $1.8 million
Engineering costs, $30,754
Contractual services for road improvements, $2.2 million
Blacktop, $10.4 million
Culverts, $150,091
Materials, equipment rental, $100,444
Rocky Hollow water service, $40,000
South Harrison Water Corp., $510,000
Corydon-Ramsey Road project, $47,224
Corydon, $369,776
Crandall, $20,750
Elizabeth, $21,419
Laconia, $10,710
Lanesville, $71,620
Mauckport, $13,387
Milltown, $60,965
New Amsterdam, $4,126
New Middletown, $11,387
Palmyra, $86,345
Total receipts: $10.1 million
Current balance: $4.2 million
Adult education study, $4,000
Public library, $1.27 million
Leadership Harrison County, $119,500
Renaissance program, $68,925
Lanesville schools, $385,762
North Harrison schools, $1.55 million
South Harrison schools, $2 million
Leora Brown School, $25,000
Adult education, $41,138
Lifelong Learning director, $34,347
Lifelong Learning educator, $16,340
Employee benefits, $9,765
Common school loan payoff, $570
Human services
Total receipts: $5.9 million
Current balance: $256,742
Police officers, $586,185
Office manager, $10,885
Police officers’ benefits, $227,147
Uniforms, vehicle supplies and equipment, $71,425
Garage maintenance, $30,462
Contractual services, $104,352
Liability insurance for police, $45,635
Automobile insurance, $17,128
Police cars, $173,440
Court related expenses, $174,044
Fire departments (trucks, equipment), $525,798
Ramsey water project, $201,246
Emergency management, $39,477
Community services, $408,081
Hoosier Valley, $10,800
Chaplain’s association, $14,000
Ambulance stations, service, $478,691
DARE Camp, $4,000
Halfway house study, $2,000
Furthering Youth Inc. (Gerdon Youth Center), $105,000
Harrison County 4-H fair, $32,000
4-H building fund, $165,000
Blue River Services, $125,000
WIC training, $442
Townships (12), $220,001
Economic development
Total receipts: $2.97 million
Current balance: $1.06 million
Chamber of Commerce, $650,000
Lanesville interchange study, $19,519
YMCA, $30,000
High-tech automated mapping, $292,340
Contingency (emergency, savings fund)
Total receipts: $9.85 million
Current balance: $3.67 million
Fuel for county vehicles, $169,470
Employee benefits, $621,130
South Harrison Water Co., $581,500
Lanesville sewer, $247,733
Communication tower rental, $6,240
Election workers, $1,780
Voting machines, $185,860
High-tech automated mapping, $215,500
Interest refund to bank, $50
Schools for property tax reduction: Lanesville, $333,878; North Harrison, $987,819; South Harrison, $2.1 million
Care of patients and inmates, $36,065
Emergency siren system, $100,000
County insurance deductible, $5,467
Harrison Township ladder truck, $380,000
County capital outlays, $10,806
In addition to spending through 2001, expenditures so far this year or appropriated for later spending total $8.8 million. That leaves a balance of $11.47 million.
Riverboat money from gaming revenue paid to the state is received monthly. Admission payments of $2 per patron on the boat are received quarterly.
Caesars Indiana also pays a percentage of its gross revenue monthly from the gaming vessel to the Harrison County Community Foundation and the Caesars Riverboat Casino Foundation in Floyd County. Those figures are reported monthly. Caesars gross receipts in February totaled $20.95 million. Two percent of that was paid to the foundations. Harrison County received $314,314 and Floyd, $104,085.
Admissions for February totaled 553,314, which equals $1.1 million to be paid to Harrison County in the next quarterly payment.