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Six arrested after tip leads to meth busts near Depauw

Six people were arrested on methamphetamine charges late Thursday after the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. received an anonymous tip that led them to an alleged meth lab at a residence on Milltown-Frenchtown Road.
According to a report by Lt. Greg Gibson, Harrison County Police Dispatch contacted him about 9 that evening after receiving a phone call from a man who said he knew of a meth lab at a residence at 7480 Milltown-Frenchtown Road, near Depauw.
“A possible meth lab and even possibly cooking,” Gibson said, describing the tip.
Gibson said the caller named specific individuals who were allegedly at the residence. Police had already heard about suspected meth-related activity at the location.
The caller said several people at the residence were preparing to leave. Dispatch informed Gibson that Harrison County Police Officers John Dismang and Chris Walden and Indiana State Police Trooper Phil Stowers would meet him at Robertson Quarry, off S.R. 64 west of Depauw.
While waiting at the quarry, officers saw a green Mercury Cougar heading east on S.R. 64 without headlights. Officer Dismang followed the car, with Gibson and Corydon Officer Nick Smith behind him in an unmarked police vehicle. Smith recognized the driver of the Cougar as Harley Wiseman, 28, Corydon. Smith also thought Wiseman might be armed with a handgun.
Wiseman pulled into Van Winkle’s Service Center in Ramsey and officers Gibson and Smith followed, where they were met by ISP Troopers Josh Banet and Tom Gohmamn from the Sellersburg post. Smith identified the driver of the vehicle as Wiseman, Gibson said.
Trooper Banet stopped Wiseman as he started to leave the parking lot. Banet and Gohmann ordered Wiseman from the car. Smith said he noticed that Wiseman’s eyes were watery and bloodshot, and his speech was slow and slurred, the report said.
Wiseman said he had some drugs in his jacket pocket and possibly in his vehicle. Gibson reached into Wiseman’s pocket and found a glass vial containing a white powder that field-tested positive for meth, four clear plastic bags containing 47 white pills, later identified as Hydrocodone, a Schedule III controlled substance, and a glass tube containing residue.
A search of the Cougar yielded several bottles of charcoal starter, rolling papers, containers of Coleman fuel, a portable stove, a beaker, tubing in a plastic container, and a glass jar containing a red liquid — all items that are consistent with those used in the production of meth.
The Indiana State Police Clandestine Lab Team found notes in the vehicle explaining how to make meth, Gibson said.
Wiseman told police he had been at Stephanie Flick’s residence on Milltown-Frenchtown Road, just before he was stopped.
Wiseman was arrested on preliminary charges of possession of meth, possession of precursors with the intent to manufacture meth, and possession of a controlled substance. He was released the next day after posting a $2,400 cash bond.
Shortly after the Wiseman vehicle was located, Stowers told Dismang that a small truck had been seen leaving the Flick residence. Dismang and Deputy Walden and Trooper Ryan Conrad of the Jasper Post responded. Conrad stopped the truck after it crossed into Crawford County at Milltown.
The driver was Mark Singleton, 34, Corydon. Tracy Dunaway, 28, Corydon, was a passenger. After officers told Dunaway to get out of the truck, he tried to run but was caught by Dismang and Walden and handcuffed.
A police report said Dunaway told the officers he had drugs.
Dunaway told officers that they were coming from the Flick residence.
Dunaway and Singleton were arrested and taken to the Crawford County Jail. Dunaway faces charges of possession of methamphetamine and resisting law enforcement. He was arraigned Friday in Crawford Circuit Court and bond was set at $10,000 cash.
Singleton was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine, and reckless possession of paraphernalia. He was also arraigned Friday, with bond set at $15,000 cash. Both men were transferred to the Orange County Jail Monday, where they remained in custody yesterday afternoon.
Officers went to the Flick residence shortly before midnight. Dismang knocked on the door, and one of three women there was spotted running to another room with a piece of aluminum foil in her hand. (Foil is commonly used when “burning” meth, police said.)
Dismang’s report said he saw two other women running into another room, before the door was opened. (Officers said they later found a piece of foil with burn marks on it.)
Just after midnight, Dismang read a “consent to search” form to Stephanie Flick, who granted officers permission to search the house. Numerous precursors for meth production were found in the residence and in outbuildings, Gibson said. A powdery substance was also located at the residence that tested positive for methamphetamine. Trace amounts of marijuana were found with paraphernalia.
Flick, 25, of Depauw, Nicole C. Pavey, 20, Ramsey, and Amber B. Burden, 18, also Depauw, were arrested and transferred to the Harrison County Jail. At the jail, a corrections officer found a small plastic bag in Pavey’s clothing, which, she told police, contained a piece of cotton that she used to filter meth before injecting it. The cotton field-tested positive for meth.
Burden was found in possession of a metal tin that contained precursors for meth production, including ephedrine pills and a red powder believed to be red phosphorus.
Dismang’s report alleges that the female suspects said Dunaway and Wiseman brought meth to the residence but none was made there. Police said all three admitted to using meth at the residence before police arrived.
Flick was charged with possession of a narcotic drug, possession of meth, maintaining a common nuisance, and possession of precursors with the intent to manufacture meth. She was released from jail after posting a $2,400 full cash bond Monday.
Pavey was charged with possession of a narcotic drug and visiting a common nuisance. She was released Saturday after posting an $800 cash bond.
Burden was charged with possession of precursors with intent to manufacture and visiting a common nuisance. She remained incarcerated yesterday afternoon.
Gibson said the investigation is continuing, and additional charges may be filed.