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America is good, not perfect

Shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9-11 last year, President Bush, in a televised speech to the nation, made a statement to the effect that, while some factions in the Middle East see America as the “great Satan,” America is good.
I remember that line because it caused me to have goose bumps of pride and patriotism because it’s true: America is good. Not perfect but good.
So let’s think about it. With all the problems we face as a nation, how can America be considered good?
It is because our Founding Fathers believed in the Godly principle that “all men are created equal” and that we all have the right to pursue happiness, have domestic tranquility, be self governing, and enjoy personal freedom.
I believe the United States of America is the greatest nation ever founded in the history of the world. As a nation, Americans enjoy more freedoms than any other nation. And as a nation, we have done more good for people throughout the world than any other nation.
You can argue that America has struggled with civil rights and the freedoms of our black citizens, but, remember, I said America is good, not perfect.
For example, when an earthquake hits a province of Russia, Americans are always the first to send aid. Did Russia send relief aid to the United States after 9-11?
We believe so strongly in freedom and equality and the right to self-government that whenever some ethnic group or country is threatened or invaded, we stand up for them, committing manpower and finances to the cause.
Think back on our history of wars. It becomes apparent that the United States has never entered a war to dominate a nation or enslave a people, but, instead, to ensure their basic liberty.
We fought a long and bloody civil war in the 1860s to preserve our nation but also to free the slaves who had been denied their basic human rights for so many years.
Even though we didn’t want to enter World War II, when we did we became the “arsenal of democracy,” committing men, money and machinery to ensure the countries of Europe freedom from Nazi dominance. We even funded their recovery after the war.
We have made some mistakes — like our involvement in Vietnam — but even then our basic motive was to help ensure South Vietnam its right to democracy. America is good, not perfect.
Now, Americans are fighting in Afghanistan to rid the world of terrorism. We are fighting to remove a threat to democracy that threatens every country in the world. We will not allow a few terrorists to hold the world captive.
So, when you see our flag flying, let it remind you that “America is good.”