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29 Democrats, one Republican off and running

So far, 29 candidates have declared their intent to run for office in the Democratic Primary in Harrison County, but only one Republican had stepped to the plate by 10 a.m. yesterday.
Republican Kathy Jo Arnold Eckart of Corydon is seeking her party’s nod to run for auditor in the fall. The current auditor, Republican Karen Shireman Engleman, is completing her second four-year term and is therefore barred by the Indiana Constitution from re-election.
The Democrat ballot is already taking shape, and the sheriff’s race is already bulging. Here’s a look at the Democrats who are running for the various seats open:
Sheriff’s race
George Michael (Mike) Deatrick, Laconia;
Clyde Edward (Ed) Adams, New Salisbury;
Richard E. McKinstry, Corydon;
William R. Brock Sr., New Middletown;
David E. Heilig, New Salisbury; and
Charles A. (Charlie) Adamson, Corydon.
Third District Commissioner
Terry L. Miller, Elizabeth.
Council, District Four
Ray (Radar) Lillpop, Laconia
Council, District One
Alvin M. Brown
(No candidates so far in District Two and Three)
Lorena A. (Rena) Stepro, Corydon.
Township Trustees (12 to be elected)
Michael Beyerle, Depauw; Blue River Township;
Joseph Edward Martin, Georgetown, Jackson Township;
Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, Corydon, Webster Township;
Donald W. Satterfield, Depauw, Spencer Township; and
Orville L. Lewis, Depauw, Spencer Township;
Frederick A. Uhl, Palmyra, Morgan Township;
Kathryn R. Ragains, Central, Washington Township;
John (Bill) Lyskowinski, Lanesville, Franklin Township.
Township advisory board
Robert W. (Bob) Adams, New Salisbury, Jackson Township.
(Three advisory board members to be elected in each township.)
Precinct Committeeman
Alvin M. Brown, Palmyra, Northwest Morgan Precinct
Terry L. Miller, Elizabeth, North Taylor Precinct
Ernest R. Emily, Corydon, East Harrison Precinct
Merlin (Dick) Lillpop, Corydon, West Webster Precinct
Joseph M. Berger, Depauw, North Blue River Precinct
Barbara A. Black, Depauw, South Blue River Precinct
Harold G. Schneider, Lanesville, Central Franklin Precinct
Patricia A. Wolfe, Corydon, Southeast Harrison Precinct
William L. Hussung, Lanesville, Central Franklin Precinct
Donald G. Troncin, Depauw, North Spencer Township
North Harrison Community School Trustees
(One at large, one Jackson Township, and one Spencer Township representative to be elected.)
Kathy A. Mott, Depauw, at-large candidate.
Lanesville Community School Trustees
(Two at-large representatives to be elected.)
Candidates have until Friday, Feb. 22, at noon to sign up with the election commission, in the circuit clerk’s office at the courthouse.