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Gunman robs Carefree Food Mart, attacks clerk

A gunman robbed the Carefree Food Mart at gunpoint and knocked a clerk unconscious shortly after 4 a.m. Monday, fleeing with an unspecified amount of cash.
It’s the fourth time the food mart has been robbed the past two years.
Crawford County Sheriff Richard Scott said the crime was reported at 4:22 a.m. He and Sheriff’s Dept. Debra Young and Leavenworth Marshal Tom Young responded.
The food mart attendant, an 18-year-old male whom Scott declined to identify, said the subject entered the store wearing a bright orange stocking over his face. He demanded money from the cash register and produced a small handgun.
The attendant gave the man cash from a register. The robber insisted the attendant surrender cash from a second register, which he did, along with a bank bag.
Scott said the suspect ordered the attendant to place his hands on the counter, and when he did, he struck him in the face and chin, knocking him unconscious to the floor.
When the attendant, the only employee on duty, came to, he said the gunman was gone. The attendant notified the police. No vehicle was seen, and the amount of money stolen is still undetermined.
The suspect was described as a white male, between 5-11 and 6-2, weighing between 250 and 270 pounds. He was wearing a green waist-length coat at the time of the robbery.
Scott said his department is still searching for clues in the case, which is the first armed robbery in Crawford County in more than a year after the Carefree Food Mart was robbed three times by a Floyd County duo. Those two are now in prison.
Scott said the time of the latest crime is hindering the investigation, because there were few people out that early, even though many of the shops and gas stations at Carefree operate all night.
Scott said his department is examining footage from the store’s security camera to see if it contains any leads.
There is no indication that the suspect is a local resident or someone just passing through by way of Interstate 64 nearby.
Scott urged anyone who may have seen anything unusual that morning or who has any information in the case to notify the CCSD at 1-812-338-2802.
“Anyone that may have just been there, leaving and saw something suspicious,” he said, “we can always add that to our intelligence investigation.”