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Mother, son found dead in Crawford home

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Dept. found the decomposed bodies of a mother and son in their western Crawford County home Friday morning. The two have been identified as Constance H. Delisle, 81, and her son, Terry D. Delisle, 54.
Police have not been able to determine next of kin and are asking for help in that regard. Anyone with information is urged to call the sheriff’s department at 1-812-338-2802.
The bodies were found after a mail carrier and neighbor expressed concern about mail and newspapers (some nearly a month old) piled up outside.
Sheriff’s deputy Tim Wilkerson responded to the initial report Friday morning and went to do what police term a “welfare call” at the remote modular home. The home is at 875 Deuchars Road, west of Leavenworth, about six-tenths of a mile from the Crawford-Perry County line.
Crawford County Sheriff Richard Scott said Wilkerson observed no obvious activity and so he walked the perimeter of the property, investigating outbuildings and vehicles.
Wilkerson talked with a neighbor who said they had not had recent contact with the homeowners. After getting no response to repeated knocks at the door, Wilkerson forced his way into the home through the front door, which was locked with a sliding bolt.
Inside, Wilkerson located a body later identified as Constance H. Delisle, lying about 12 feet from the front door where the home’s kitchen, living room and hallway met.
Wilkerson called Scott, who asked the Indiana State Police at the Jasper Post to send a crime scene technician. While waiting for the technician to arrive, Scott and Wilkerson photographed the property and continued to look around outside of the home.
Crime Scene Technician Jeff Franklin arrived, and the three entered the home again. The second body, which was later identified as Terry D. Delisle, was found on the floor in a bedroom.
Scott said neighbors had reported not seeing Terry Delisle for some time, and some were not even aware his mother lived in the home.
“The female appeared to be the mother of the male,” he said. “The bodies were in a bad state of decomposition. The residence was in really bad condition.”
According to information provided by the state police, the bodies were in such poor condition that immediate identification was not possible, even after autopsies were performed Saturday in Louisville.
Scott said records indicate that Constance Delisle lived there about 20 years, and her son, an only child, had lived with her for at least 10. Her husband is deceased.
Scott added that Terry Delisle, who, it is believed, suffered from several health problems, had been a security guard in Louisville until July, when he left on medical leave. Scott said his department had received information that Terry Delisle may have been a former Louisville police officer. According to a search of mail and other documents, Scott said it seems the last activity of either of the deceased was probably more than a month ago.
“It appears that our last documented activity from either of these individuals was around Sept. 24 or 25,” he said.
Police and Crawford County deputy coroner Barry Hubbell have narrowed the occupants’ time of death to somewhere around Sept. 26.
Scott said both people appeared to have died in close proximity of each other.
Scott said police have not ruled out the possibility of foul play in the case but are reasonably sure both died of natural causes. Autopsy results revealed no indication of a struggle in the home or related injuries caused by force. However, results of toxicology tests and blood work had not been received.
Scott said the investigation is still open, mainly because next of kin have not been located.
“We have little or no information on her (Constance Delisle) at all,” he said.
The Leavenworth Volunteer Fire Dept. assisted with the removal of the bodies, a process that took more than four hours.
“We really appreciate all their help,” he said.
Anyone with any information about the Delisles is urged to call the sheriff at 1-812-338-2802 or the Indiana State Police.