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Man critical after drinking bad soft drink at auto plant

A Depauw man who allegedly drank contaminated Pepsi was in critical condition Monday afternoon.
Peter J. Kiefer, 36, became ill just before 10 a.m. Monday at Tower Automotive in Corydon where he is employed, according to Det. Richard Bauman of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept.
Initially, it was believed Kiefer suffered a heart attack, but he told emergency medical personnel that his throat was burning, police said.
Kiefer was taken to Harrison County Hospital in Corydon and transferred to Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services in New Albany, Bauman said.
A 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi Kiefer had purchased from a machine at the plant was taken to the hospital, and a doctor who poured some of the soft drink on his finger experienced burning. Kiefer said the seal on the bottle had not been broken until he opened it.
Bauman said the soft drink apparently contained some type of caustic acid. He is investigating the case as consumer product tampering. He was scheduled to examine the soft drink machine and interview the company that delivers and stocks the machine yesterday.