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Harrison County’s roads to get protective coat

Some newly paved roads in the Harrison County system will get a fresh coat of preservative this summer.
Starting today, a sealer will be spread to protect the roads from deterioration. The treatment is expected to extend the road’s surface by 30 percent.
“It saves taxpayer dollars by extending the time before a road needs to be repaved, and is only about 20 percent the normal cost of repaving,” said Harrison County engineer Darin Duncan.
He compared the preventive maintenance to sealing a wooden deck after it is built instead of replacing the boards every few years.
The Harrison County Board of Commissioners are following the pattern of transportation departments across the country, which have used the preservative product consistently and successfully for the past 20 years, Duncan said.
Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee have recently implemented the process.
Residents whose roads will be sealed will be notified by the highway department. The roads cannot be used from four to six hours. The process is expected to be completed within 10 working days.
Roads or portions of roads slated for sealing in District One are German Ridge, Burgess Circle and Moberly roads.
In District Two, the roads are Walters, Tandy, Fairview Church, Wiseman, Turley, August Yocum, Smith Campground, Shewmaker, Wiseman, Buck Creek Ridge and Gleitz Blank roads.
District Three roads include Harrison-Heth, Glenwood, Doolittle Hill, Kintner Bottom, Lotticks Corner and Blue Springs road.