Source: The Corydon Democrat

June 13, 2014 | 04:48 AM

George Etheridge's wife works for the Post Office. A ... person living drawing federal benefits, but wants to cut other people's.

If those problems with playing on the internet are a problem, post each employee's abuse and time abusing it. How about a public records request for those records of internet abuse or post it on the county website? Why not a list of all what he calls internet abuse by employee on the county website? I don't expect it a bit. After all, since Davis and Smith took the Council, there is no county website display of the budget or salaries. ... The budget is out of control and they have granted salary increases out of line to their buddies.

... With all the money we pay in county taxes, every document regarding county finances should be online for every taxpayer to see ...

Why doesn't Etheridge voluntarily divest himself of his wife's post office benefits first? Were any South Harrison School Board funds given to Etheridge for after-prom activities? Has he threatened any county highway workers for offenses they did not commit?