Source: The Corydon Democrat

June 12, 2014 | 11:37 PM

This is absolutely hysterical. I've worked in the private sector for many years. I have eight years of service with my current company and two degrees. I get paid 6 holidays and 10 vacation days, no personal or sick days, and I pay nearly $1000/month for subpar insurance to cover my family, and my retirement is a 401k plan that is largely funded by me. I worked my way up into a good management position, and I still make less than many county employees. Oh, and I also shell out for my own car and gasoline every month. Foreign concept for many of you, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I pay a load of taxes ...

If the private sector is so much better, where's the stampede of county employees beating down private businesses to get a piece of the pie? Oh, wait, there are none. Let's be honest, jobs in this county are often based on WHO you know, and not what you know, and most of you are lucky that you know someone.

Many of the employees in this county should count their lucky stars that they work a job close to their home, where their transportation costs are low or even covered by a county vehicle, they have excellent insurance, generous retirement plans, and plenty of time off with their family.

And I'm thankful our commissioners realize how ridiculously good county employees have it.