Source: The Corydon Democrat

Ask for 10 in hopes of getting 5
March 13, 2014 | 09:07 AM

All respect to "Straight Shooter" the Harrison County Sheriff's Department needs more than 5 or 10 officers to adequately police Harrison County. Simply deploying 2 or 3 officers per shift in a county the size of Harrison County to respond to dispatched calls for service, investigate crashes, etc. is a flawed design. The current staffing levels do not provide the number of officers necessary to combat the ongoing battle with methamphetamine, heroin and the abuse of prescription narcotics destroying our community. Theft, burglary, robbery, etc. are all crimes that are fueled by a drug problem that has destroyed the quality of life for many of our friends and families. As for officers sitting in the DQ parking lot wasting time with the car running, where would you suggest they complete the paperwork for their crash and case reports? Should they "hide" somewhere to complete reports or would it be a better deterrent to be visible by those that may wish to break the law. Should they turn their cars off when they are sitting there, will their computer and radio system work without the car running? Questions I don't believe you or I can answer, that's why we elect a Sheriff. The Sheriff is an elected official voted on by the people to manage the Sheriff's department for the people, I'll leave decisions like where officers should do paperwork or if their car needs to be running to him. Sheriff Seelye, Chief Kessinger and their staff have been a blessing to the HCSD and the people of Harrison County. I for one would appreciate seeing my tax dollars paying for additional officers to combat the real problems in our community.

R U Serious