Source: The Corydon Democrat

Oh my!
February 22, 2014 | 01:24 PM

What an amazing idea, one polling place! Even better idea move it to Milltown at the far northern part of the county. Must be a plot to discourage citizens from Taylor Township from voting. It must be a plot of the Republican and Democrat Party jointly, or heck it might even be the communist. Heck don't move it to Corydon, move it to Milltown. That is far out of the way in Northwestern Harrison County. This will make the plot to keep Taylor Township from voting even more successful.

Get serious people. All the things to worry about in this county and the fact that the polling place was moved less then 2 miles (10 minutes) from its current location is hardly an excuse for the public crying.

Does the person crying above even know how many registered voters there are in Taylor Township and what percentage of them even vote at the polling place instead of voting by mail? I doubt it. It is it because he/she wont get a free meal and $60.00 to hang out at the polls on election day. Get a life!