Source: The Corydon Democrat

Shooting themselves in the foot
February 10, 2014 | 05:20 PM

It will be interesting to see how many more outdoor wood boilers start popping up after this winter. These prices are only good for the suppliers short term but when they loose a customer to wood they loose that customer for good. There are alternatives to propane. Anger over these high prices is an excellent motivator to explore some of those alternatives.
I also use Ferrellgas. $2.11 was my price per gallon on my last fill-up (2nd of the season). My total was $880.00 with fees, taxes etc.
It's not all the fault of the local distributors but they do tack on a HUGE mark-up over their wholesale cost per gallon.
Geothermal, wood, air source heat-pumps are all possible alternatives to propane furnaces.
How long would it take for a new system to pay for itself at these prices? I suspect many are asking themselves that question right now.
Tax incentives are available for some new furnaces :-)