Source: The Corydon Democrat

February 04, 2014 | 03:40 PM

Ms. Patterson I have a few comments and questions. You start out your comment by stating, and I quote, "As one of the more than 200 citizens that make up the referenced FB group, "Save the Community Center in Spencer Township". I must remind you that not all of these members are in fact Spencer Township residents! So indeed you are asking the rest of the 1600 residents in Spencer Township to use our tax paying dollars to support your program. I don't think any one is saying this is not a great program. You and your constituents received more than your fair share of tax dollars on behalf of all of Spencer Township residents. This was not a required program although it did give a lot of seniors a great deal of joy. Not all agree with what your group is doing nor stand for. It is one thing to be passionate about a topic that is near and dear to your heart, but it is totally something else when you yourself have stated that you have went to other avenues to try to get the seniors back in to the facility. To no avail you have been told that the Trustee has the final say. Your group has not fought a fair fight. If you do not want to be met with hostility than do not make accusations of fraud, embezzlement, or theft. I believe Mr. Satterfield, my Trustee, is making a tough decision to not benefit a few township residents, but to benefit all.
Let me ask you this Ms. are running for advisory board, so if you get the position will you only do what will benefit you and your family members or will you make the tough decision that need to be made for all of the citizens of Spencer Township? As an elected official you have a fiduciary right to all of the citizens! Now there is no need for your group to attack any ones comments nor vise-versa. These are simply point of views and we can agree to disagree on this topic. We will see at election time what the taxpayers of Spencer Township really think.
C Crawford
Spencer Township Taxpayer