Source: The Corydon Democrat

January 31, 2014 | 07:33 AM

A comment and then a couple of questions. Either way this investigation into the Spencer Township Trustee turn out, the residents of Spencer Township are the losers. Some of the members of the FB group "Save the Community Center in Spencer Township" while not residents, seem to be willing to go to any lengths to find wrong doing on Satterfield or members of his family. Satterfield and his family have all but been accused of theft without any proof on this FB page. That does not come without repercussion now days. During the time Satterfield is trustee all legal proceedings involving the Trustee are paid for by the Spencer Township residents. The 1800 residents living in the township are footing the bill. If the man is guilty of something it is money well spent. However, if this is a personal vendetta by 200 members of this FB page because they are angry that Satterfield cancelled the contract with Lifespan it is wrong the residents are paying for it. And before ANYONE makes any assumptions I am not on ANY side with this comment.

I have two questions;
Has the Corydon Democrat offered to interview the Spencer Township Trustee and/or the board members? If not, why not?

Has the Corydon Democrat offered to interview Lifespan to see why they are not willing to serve the Senior meals at the Frenchtown Community Center any longer? A copy of the email correspondence between Lifespan and Susie Flock Weigle confirming this was hanging up at the meeting Monday night?

Thank You

John Smith