Source: The Corydon Democrat

January 30, 2014 | 03:49 PM

I would like to clarify this "Donation Box" our Trustee keeps referring. There was a blue metal tool box that sat on the table just as you came in the door to pay for their meals. Cost of the meals was a suggested donation to all seniors 60 and older or disabled at $2.00 and under 60 the suggested donation was $4.69. If you could not pay you were never turned away. Everyone was welcome regardless of age, income or where you lived. The seniors had a coffee fund jar that set out everyday for donations to fund the activities held for the seniors. Donations to buy bingo prizes, bunco prizes, coffee, tea, sugar and condiments. Any of the little extras that the seniors wanted. These donations also were used to buy cleaning supplies, hand soap and toilet paper. I personally kept a running ledger posted for everyone to see how much money was collected and exactly what money was spent complete with all reciepts. I never wanted anyone to question where their money was spent. Even with something as simple as their coffee fund I provided complete transparency. So if our trustee came up after our operating hours he would indeed find an empty box as its not very responsible to leave money setting out overnight.
The seniors did offer to pay extra for their meals to go towards the utilities. I believe this entire community would have come together to generate addition funds to keep this senior meal program had it been brought to their attention. But it wasn't!

Sandy Dubois