Source: The Corydon Democrat

January 30, 2014 | 12:58 PM

You point out that other trustees clearly identify all their expenses. We ask the same. We have to guess at what Mr. Satterfield is paying for. He reports high energy expenses but will not tell us what portion is for community room, the firehouse, his office. We have to rely on any information we can get...such as the propane company telling us that bills submitted close together were for one tank at the Center/Firehouse and one for the store.
If Mr. Satterfield does not have internet access, we wish he would get it to refresh his memory about his duties and all the laws that apply to an elected officials responsibility to the public. We would also be glad to pay his meals and mileage to attend training and update meetings.
You must be a Board Member because taxpayers were told they could not have a copy of the Annual Report until it comes out in the paper next Wednesday. Or, does the trustee give the report to some and deny it to others? Why aren't you willing to state your name and stand behind your statements?
Ask the editor of this paper if she has tried to interview the trustee to do fact finding. My guess is she has and he refused.

Rebecca Rennirt