Source: The Corydon Democrat

December 20, 2013 | 01:31 PM

LaHue should definitely be salaried. They should change his job description back to be salaried again.

1. How many county vehicles go home with the employee at the end of the day? Where else do they drive them? Now the county will know. Remember that sheriff's car under Deatrick that got in a wreck down in Kentucky?

2. So? If they think they're being watched, maybe they will work instead of get caught sleeping on the job like somebody was earlier this year.

3. Great idea, genius. Clearly, they can be everywhere at once to know the condition of all seven hundred miles of road in the county.

4. I don't like seeing my tax dollars wasted. Lazy highway employees are wasting our money.

If the county highway guys have such a problem with their bosses checking on them to make sure they're doing a fair day of work for a fair day of pay, maybe they should quit and go work somewhere else. I'm sure some business will cater to their more modest work standards.