Source: The Corydon Democrat

Obviously different was proven at trial Samantha.
November 26, 2013 | 11:13 PM

There are personal friends that saw the animals when they were there to save others that had been in animal control that would have died when your pets were brought in. The sorry shape of your poor animals has been confirmed through those people for me. So frankly, I don't believe a word you are saying. If there had been admissable evidence I believe it would have been seen. And the two vets did say what method of analyzing the cats was used and 21 were at 1-2. Yes, they can lose weight quickly. But, I can assure you even if mine had a couple days of being persnickity with eating they would not rate a 1 to 2 on the Purina scale. Would they lose some weight? Yes, but they would FAR from appear starved.

You stress all you've spent at the vet and yet only two had rabies shots? And those were ferals? I know there is a good possibility you used one of the feral programs in our area that provide rabies shots along with spay/neuter. What vetting did you provide? Did you ever give any of these animals any vaccinations for wellness? I would suspect that you didn't if you didn't vaccinate for rabies. And what vet did you use that would send an animal out there that doesn't adhere to the letter of the law and give rabies shots? I know my vet wouldn't send our pets out without required rabies shots unless they were far too sick to receive the injection. Were ALL your pets except the two ferals too sick for rabies?

As has been shared elsewhere in an article it's been a string of excuses on your part since the beginning of this thing. I still have those excuses saved from our very first conversation on your facebook wall. This is the last conversation I'll have with you Samantha. I am just very grateful at the results of this trial and I am proud to be in a community that takes the side of the animals and children.

Mr Kirby, you still haven't replied on what your connection to the Lee's is. Are you a local resident? I saw you in another article here as well and you seem to feel you have first hand knowledge on this.