Source: The Corydon Democrat

November 22, 2013 | 09:50 AM

Were the Lee's allowed to show any of their vet records? No. Were they allowed to show how one cat was murdered every time there was a trial hearing? No. Were they allowed to defend themselves at all? No. Did you see pictures of the whole house, or just close ups of dirt? Exactly what documentation were they allowed to enter as evidence on their behalf? None. Check any and all animal raid trials and you will find the exact same thing. There is a template and that template says that all rescuers and all sanctuaries are animal hoarders. No one is interested in justice here, and CERTAINLY no one is interested in the welfare of animals who were brutally chased thru their home and slammed into cages and boxes by their supposed rescuers and who had medication withheld by those supposed rescuers while in the custody of animal control who knew better. These animals have been in small, tiny cages for OVER A YEAR ... but, do go on and be ignorant and accuse someone of animal abuse, when you don't know a thing about the incident or its aftermath. Your brand of ignorance is what feeds this type of seizure of animals and the abuse they suffer afterwards at the hands of the people who claim they were being saved. Did anyone of you EVER both to go to animal control and make sure those seized animals were being treated properly? Why not? Your tax dollars paid for it? It is a public place? Why not go there and see for yourselves? Because you know the Lees are right ... You are all cowards.

michelle adams