Source: The Corydon Democrat

So, those of you saying this was right...
November 21, 2013 | 09:46 PM

For those supporting the Lee's I must ask if 21 cats at a weight of 1-2 out of 9 isn't that what you would describe as starved? And only 2 ferals had a rabies shot which is the law? If you look at nothing aside from that 21 cats were virtually starving! 9 of the cats were from 2.5 to 3.5 which I would still say was substantially underweight. Maybe I'm naive, but if the Lee's were regularly vetting animals why didn't they have rabies shots? I don't know a vet that doesn't give rabies UNLESS the animal is too sick to receive the shot at the time. Did they really have 34 cats that couldn't have shots? Isn't that what negligence would be? Yes, I will be in court to show my support for those animals.

These animals were seen by two different vets. I would call that substantiated.

The paper DID say that the dogs were normal weight with one being overweight and that six cats were normal weight. Apparently some of the chickens were underweight. So, yes, I call that fair reporting.

I have heard other things within the community that have helped form my opinion, but I won't share those as they could be considered rumors when I personally can't substantiate them. But, they have basically been substantiated for the most part via the paper on the court case.

I also concur with the person that Mr and Mrs Lee had the opportunity to select a jury of their peers from the community and they said they are guilty.

I too share the hope that the family gets mental help and that they aren't able to have animals again. Those are things I'm hoping to hear in court.

I will pray daily for those children. I think they must have been horrifically scarred by this. But, I hold no sympathy for someone that can starve an animal. And two vets saying they were at a weight of 1-2 tells me that's exactly what must have happened.

From what I've seen the Corydon Democrat has been nothing but responsible in their reporting of this story.

And Mr Kirby, considering the fact that I have no animals starved here and they all are fully and regularly vetted I think they are pretty safe. I thank you for your concern though.