Source: The Corydon Democrat

November 20, 2013 | 04:09 PM

Why didn't you write about how the dog was seized based on being skin and bones but scored a 5 on the body condition scale, why didn't you write about how LaHue DID NOT provide the medication I, nor Dr. Smith provided for the cats until the 5th day (which caused them to get sick), why didn't you write how NONE of my vet bills were allowed to be introduced as MY defense, why did you not write how BOTH Dr. Smith and Dr. Lovejoy said they CANNOT say the cats died because of anything my husband or I did, why didn't you write how the last cat starved to death in animal controls care and was NEVER vetted from Dec 5- Dec 13, 2011 for anorexia and reported dead on Dec 14, why didn't you write how my sons cat had a seizure on day 12 and was not vetted but euthanized, why didn't you write how Garfield got sick and was taken off of medication 2 days before he died and was NEVER offered veterinary care, why didn't you write how Jeri Warren LIED that she was NEVER GETTING EVICTED, but told No Kill Louisville and Me she had only 2 weeks to rehome 7 cats or be evicted, which was why I helped her to keep her in her home., why didn't you write her cats were not part of my rescue, but I had in fact contacted my vets office to ask for local maintained feral colonies in which to take them to, why did you lie and say the living room floor when the living room floor wasn't shown, the sludge was on the kitchen floor between the basement door and the back door, why did you not write how I was staked out for 5 1/2 hours and could not do my daily chores, which led the cats to go outside the litter box, which is common if you do not stay on the litter boxes, the litter boxes were not overflowing with feces, but there was a 19 hour gap from when I went to bed and from when they took the photo, why didn't you state all of the facts??? This has been a one sided story for the good old boys to get back at me for filing a tort claim against LaHue. Use your head people, there is A LOT more to this story than they want you to know. I have the proof to back up what I say!