Source: The Corydon Democrat

November 18, 2013 | 07:09 PM

The math in this article does not add up. I think the author left out the decimal points in the miles of road affected. Perhaps it should have read "With a combined effort of paving (34.4 miles), rejuvenating fog seal (28.8) and chip and seal (19.2), the county treated or will treat 82.4 miles this year. If all of that money ($3.4 million) was spent on paving only, as was the practice in the past, it would have covered only 55.9 miles, Russel said." Therefore the county treated 55.9 miles of road way rather than 559 miles of road.

I would prefer the county use the money spent on chip and seal for fog seal. They chip and sealed the road I travel and it is a horrible road now when it was fine prior to the chip and seal. I agree with the comment above regarding our elected officials and I will not vote for a candidate that would advocate for chip and seal regardless of party. I am concerned about the future of our county and the lack of vision by the current set of elected leaders. It seems they are only concerned with doing the minimum level of maintaining the status quo at a minimum of expense rather than building for the future and delivering quality solutions to problems.