Source: The Corydon Democrat

November 14, 2013 | 07:05 PM

I live along hwy 62 and just had my car serviced last week. I was not happy when I saw the damage to my car and tires from driving on the chip and seal layer. The gravel chips are breaking free from the roadway and if one travels 62 it is easy to see the spots where the chip and seal is breaking loose. Most states abandoned the chip and seal method of asphalt many years ago because it was ineffective for asphalt preservation and also made for a very noisy road service. It's basically a gravel road soaked in sealer. The state didn't bother to use a roller on the surface to compact it as it would have if applying an asphalt topping therefore it is rough like a gravel road. The state of Indiana and our county government is using this method now simply because it is the cheapest method for resurfacing roads. The roads I travel that have been fog sealed are much better to travel and I suspect the residents who live along 62 would have been very happy if the state had used this method instead. The county highway department would be wise to learn from the state's mistake especially for more heavily traveled roads. It will be interesting to see how much of the chip and seal layer breaks off when the snow plows hit the chip and sealed roads this winter. I've noticed the rough layer on 62 doesn't drain as well due to the course gravel layer that holds more water when it rains as compared to a smooth driving surface. I assume it will be icier this winter for that reason and the chip and seal will not hold up as well as asphalt. I suspect the residents will be ready to vote the current state and county politicians out of office for deciding to use the out dated chip and seal method of resurfacing on the roadways that residents drive every day. That decision demonstrates the short sightedness of our current government leaders.