Source: The Corydon Democrat

Prosecution? Yes. It is the only way it will stop
October 19, 2013 | 01:16 PM

I grew up in "Poor little Elizabeth." I must say I take offense to that terminology. It seems a bit smug to me. However, I could be mistaken. Perhaps the above anonymous poster meant that in a truly empathetic context?

I have not lived in the area for many years but still take an interest in and have concern for Harrison County.

If it is true the LAST Treasurer BEFORE Mr. Hall also had to "repay thousands" why wasn't this person also Prosecuted? Perhaps they were??

Seriously, Harrison County... letting these folks get by with a tap on the wrist obviously is NOT working. It is not just Elizabeth with such issues.

Palmyra is in the midst of an investigation very similar to this. Small towns. It happens. I agree with JW. More oversight is needed.

Lastly, to Mr. Hall. I do not know you, nor how long you have lived in the area. If you are are not doing yourself any favors by not speaking up or ignoring attempts to give you're side of the story.

Harrison County, although a large county is somewhat close knit & this County has the "memory of an Elephant!"

Sandra Kelly